2021 European Championship venues

If anyone wants to see where the various 2021 European champ events are, this slide at the ETU conference has just been posted. not all event venues have been decided yet but Long Distance will be at Roth and I assume will coincide with the main Roth LD race.


When I did Roth it was the ETU LD champs, but they only announced it about 3 months before the race I think. Seem to recall they offered a handful of extra places for it and that was all, it was basically down to who had entered and were ETU affiliated.

Was that in 2012? I did Roth that year and remember something similar. We were already entered and fairly close to race day it was announced as ETU champs

Yes, fairly sure it was 2012.

@fatbuddha do you know anything about the Euros in Munich in 2022? I had fun in Glasgow watching all the other sports, used the triathlon as an excuse to go. Will Munich be a sprint or Olympic?

not heard anything yet about the Euros. there is also the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022 but that will be elite racing only as per Tokyo Olympics.

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Close enough for a day trip to some events though, must keep an eye out for tickets.