2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire

Okay…stalking time for our favourite sub-10 close to 50 year old again…

2017 Staffs - 30/2:38/1:47 = 5:02
2017 Copenhagen - 59/5:16/3:40 = 10:07

2018 Staffs - 29/2:33/dnf = DNF
2018 Copenhagen =56/4:59/4:02 = 10:06 (I see my own Outlaw pattern here!)

2019 Staffs - 29/2:35/1:40 = 4:54
2019 Copenhagen - 57/4:55/3:43 = 9:45

Lucy Charles-Barclay, in 2019, only did a 4:24 :open_mouth:
This is someone with two sub-9 finishes at Kona and an 8:30 at Roth…

Maybe @chickenboy can give us a bit of a run down of his results and why it’s “slow” ?
(I think he also did it in 2016 and 2015, too…is he in again?)
Is it the run up to the castle that is the killer?

In 2019, only one athlete went sub-4.
and just 36 went under 4:30 (from ~2,100)
163 went under five hours.

2018 appears to be a quicker year…

…so…it’s the start of winter and this is a long way off.
There was no way in October 2018 I’d have said I’d do a 4:27 at the 113, I might go the opposite way this year.
A bit early to start talking numbers and targets.

I will just follow the same plan as last year:

try to get my swimming under 30 minutes.
run a half marathon in March somewhere between 1:20-25
get my power up to 280W and my weight down to 78kg…( which gives me a BBS of 2:45 !!! )


Perfect reassurance, thanks. That’s actually bit lower than I was expecting, although see how I get on once get a TT bike.

i’m worried i’m going to open my front door to find you standing there with a chucky mask on, haha

2017, run around shugborough, very hot 32deg i think, cramped up badly, shocking run

2018, planned DNF with achilles prob (honest)

2019, kinda ok’ish run, cramp again off bike first 3 miles on and off then found some rhthym, the hill to the castle x2 deffo slows times down compared the the run course from previous year, i think 2018 run was slightly short too. 0.3miles

first 20km of bike is through twisty undulating country lanes, blind bends, gravel across the tarmac, so caution always advised, it then opens up and hammertime.

Lucy Charles ran past me this year, she’s not normal

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Companies House :wink:
Piece of piss all this stalking nowadays

Can we call you Dr Dave from now on?

Back on topic: I forgot it changed from Shugborough. Any reason why 2018 was faster bike?

It might be a piece of piss but that doesn’t mean it isn’t weird! :scream:

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stalking all good, i deffo do it when the startlists are out to see if the old regulars are turning up.

2018 faster for copenhagen and staffs because i bought a proper TT bike, cervelo P3, i’d been using my home made ( ebay bits) cannondale slice which was getting a bit knackered. big difference for copenhagen bike splits.
Dr Dave a bit cringy, i’m a dentist, not a proper Dr,:joy: My daughter has just started Med school. Roll on 5 years and there’s going to be plenty of in house banter! Big D is good


Deffo is weird!
I was telling my colleagues their middle names last week - just looking them up on the professional register :slight_smile:

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Ooh, i must try this one

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St Polten is around 950m climbing (help me here @Matthew_Spooner) but I would call it pretty fast, by virtue of the great surfaces and 100% road closures. You’ve got those in Staffs right?

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100% roads closed, Road surface sketchy

I had just under 900m on my Garmin. I would agree that it is pretty fast course, around 10min slower than a really fast flat course like Elsinore, as there is one big climb towards the end. Roads are superb, which certainly helps, cycling on Autobahn is amazing… not sure that they would ever close the M6 for Staffs

They would be travelling faster than the cars stuck in the smart motorway road works :sweat_smile:

The Stoke junction to the M6 toll junction is abysmal. 20 miles, you’d be lucky to pass through it in an hour after 7am.

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I’m thinking about doing 70.3 Staffs next year, hopefully I can get in before it gets to Tier 3!

It will be 4 weeks out from Challenge Roth, seems a reasonable timeframe? I’m a full distance virgin, so be gentle with me if that’s dumb!

Had some of my best 70.3 results following same time frame. Totally a sub 9 for you mate at Roth

Conversely, it was 5wks for me prior to IM Vitoria, and my coach felt it would compromise my final build. Hence now targeting Outlaw Half on May 17th which opens on Monday morning, and gives me 8wks.

Interesting, thanks. Outlaw Half might be a good one for me too then, good suggestion!

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Also looking at outlaw half Steve. Might see you there




Haha, Have you seen how fast his little legs go off the bike?! :joy:

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