2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire


I am :smiley:
First M-Dot event.



In, accomodation booked.


:raising_hand_man:t2: See ya there :facepunch:t2:

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Where are you staying?

In. Just over 300 sheets for Tier 2 + Active fee. Ouch. And it’s a ball ache getting through the Active registration without signing up for something else, some insurance thing and then some ‘annual membership’.


I waited to enter at 3pm, before heading out for a ride.
I’d also signed up for the Active 99p membership trial on the morning, saved myself £7 there.

Can’t be a lot of Tier 1 entries then?

“ With 50 percent of entrants being first time athletes, Staffordshire was also one of the top race destinations in the UK, for athletes who were new to the sport. “


Don’t forget to unsubscribe as I think it rolls into the full annual payment unless you intervene.


Yeah I rushed through my application so much trying to get Tier 1 I didnt untick signing up to some insurance thing, not sure what yet just noticed the £25 after I’d paid.

Undecided, I only looked in a rush last night so booked the only 3 places i could find and will decide in due course.
Days Inn on M6 toll 15 min walk from start line.
An apartment 10 min drive from swim that avoids the toll road.
Or Bridgewood House hotel in Stafford and get the shuttle buses. Would mean a more enjoyable Saturday evening for me and partner if find distraction to do in town.

All were basic places, under £50 with free cancellation.

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Yep. I logged on at 15:05 got through on tier 1. Accidentally refreshed my page like an idiot. Redid the whole bloody thing again and got tier 2 :sob::sob:

Got to be under 50 spots on that first tier

Friend of mine was on the case on the dot it opened and got tier 1, by the time he’d gone back in to do entry for his OH it was tier 2.

WTC events are so MAMIL :wink:

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Well…you have to save up the money to enter them…that has taken me 13 years :wink:

Not much agreement with the “flat and fast” advert on FB in the comments :joy:


Didn’t Lucy half fish half human Charles go 4:23 ish…
Top fella was 4:00 …?! But came top 15 at Nice …Goodwin?
Tells all you need to know really.

Sub 5 a good day…?

yup - honest course.

Run has the hill up to the castle.
Road surfaces are pretty poor around there (from memory a decade ago)

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I remember doing the first one where they advertised it as ‘flat, a Pb course and one of the fastest in the UK’ :joy:

Deffo complete lies but a good honest course. Logistics were awful back then.

They should be subject to a misdescriptions act like estate agents! Blatant lies :smile:

That said, 760m elevation over 90km sounds kinda flat? Ok not pan flat, but it’s half the elevation per km compared to IMUK.

@Poet Given the talk of analytics on the other thread, wondered if you’d played around at all with BBS yet for Staffs. Once know what kind of watts you’ll need then it creates rough target FTP over the winter.

Flat and fast when the only other UK 70.3 was Wimbleball…:grinning:

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3w/kg on TT bike = roughly 2:35. That’s my experience anyway. My TT position is not very aggressive

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