2024 Olympic Marathon

Win a place!


I don’t think we have dedicated paris olympics 24 thread yet. I was going to excitedly say you can register interest for tickets this month. But the website has failed on me. So maybe tomorrow. Or sometime - with added Gallic shrug.


I’m crossing my fingers my employer gets some :crossed_fingers:t3:

But going to register, too.

Planning on visiting start of June this year, to see what it’s like in summer and with people there :joy:

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Pretty hideous to be honest and far too hot. But that’s all part of the fun. My french friends and I did London 2012 so it would be rude if we didn’t repeat Paris 24.


I’ve only ever been Dec-Feb, so it’s cold and there are little to no tourists.

All of the “stories” I hear about massive queues and throngs of people everywhere, I’m like “erm…not for me!”

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Don’t the Parisians all flee the city at the time that the Olympics are on?

Website does appear to be working now. I have signed up.

The plan now is for the end of the Tour in Nice and then some travel through france to get paris for the triathlon events. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Olympics are July and most Parisians only abandon the place for august. They may change a habit of a lifetime for 2024.

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