2024 weigh in thread

Let’s be having it.

Will weigh myself looking through my fingers when I get home later.

Project sub 80kg is on…


110.7kg & 36.4% is my starting point for 2024. (Put 2.5kg on since Christmas Day so hoping that bit at least will come off just as quick)
I think my project will have to be 100kg whilst trying to maintain (or even add) muscle mass.


Same as @Jgav I’ll weigh in a bit. First goal will be sub 80

Fuck sake, before I left home on Saturday I was 82, just weighed now and these shitty salter scales are saying 85, I can’t have put 3 kg on in two days. I’ll wait until Thursday and back home


101kg this morning, shameful

80kg by midsummer is the hefty target


25% BF
110cm waist.

Crept up a little last week, no surprise, walking has gone way down as Ive been ill.


Weight: 98kg
BF: 16%
Waist: < 95cm (this is the target from British Heart Foundation but not sure if it will be achievable given the size of my frame but will see)


71.6 kg on my new year / birthday weigh in this morning.
Big meal and wine last night too.

Ate and drank far too much over the festive period ( didn’t we all!) but with my main target for 2024 3 weeks away I have stuck at it.

Yesterdays delights was a genuine 1002 cals in 1:15:54.
Be nice to get nearer 70 with adequate strength for the stations


Not bragging, but I could eat 1000 cals waay quicker than that.


89.1kg for me this morning. Not quite my heaviest ever (that was 89.5kg a couple of months ago.

The target for the year is to get under 80kg.


Haven’t weighed this morning but yesterday was 73kg

A noticeable bit of waistline bulge going on

1986 cals burned on todays run - a good start


I completely forgot this morning. Dreading it after a week at Mum’s. I’ll weigh in the morning.


66.4 phew, held a fairly steady weight over the period, with the usual mixture of shit food, alcohol and exercise.

Aiming now for a 10 stone 2024 model, so as Spock would say, approx 63.6 :rofl:

After that, I’ll be happy to try and keep that throughout the year.


87.6 I knew it would be bad but could have been worse!
Back on the wagon


Had to wait for the post holiday poo before the first weigh in.

Not good for me, low sugar Jan is my main goal. Got to get snacking back under control.


80.1kg to start 2024.

Target for June, 76kg
Target for December 73kg


73.8kg for me this morning. Suspect the last few days have contributed to that.

I’m not exercising either at the mo, so i should get down below 72, which is where i like to be, reasonably quickly i hope. Then i will concentrate on being a tad healthier. Need to be mindful of things like butter in cooking which has crept up over the last few months when making super tasty meals.

Might give the 16:8 thing a go Mon-Thurs as well. Not going to be religious about it though, and will adapt for any increases in training when i start in earnest.

Good luck everyone.


Snap 73.8kg

Thought that yesterdays 1946 cals burned on the long run would have an immediate impact :roll_eyes:


78.6kg this morning, about 1kg up on where I was mid December, so not too bad.

I was pretty good at sticking to 16/8 over the festive period, only completely ignoring it on Christmas Day (and a slip when someone made me an evening tea with milk which I drank before realising). That being said, I made the most of the eating 8 hour window, huge amount of leftovers, sweets and treats consumed.

My wife has joined some 8 week online training thing, and spent hours yesterday meal planning and calorie counting, so I guess I’ll get a benefit from that as our meals should be healthier than normal.


82.5kgs. :frowning:For context, 3 months ago I was 75kgs and 18 months ago, 70kgs.

2023 has been a rubbish year for me, exercise wise. I’m quite glad I couldn’t access the Strava stats to tell me how little I have moved, relative to previous years. But getting back on it and this was the slap in the face I needed.

I’m doing the Veganuary thing as it really helps me think about what I’m eating (although vegan cheese is a crime against humanity). I should be able to get to sub 80kgs quite quickly but I think it will take me until March to get below 75kgs.


I went from 70 kg to 81 in 5? Months last year
Loads of weights, decided I’d be happier lighter so went back to low 70”s
Calories in
Calories out

It’s really quite simple, veggie thing is a nice touch