3D printing a cable guide?

I know there are few 3D printing gurus on here so thought I’d ask. Would it be possible to 3D print a frame cable guide?

I got a Cube Cross Race Pro secondhand a few months ago and just noticed the cable guide that takes the hydraulic hose and rear shift cable doesn’t stay put as tension in the shift cable increases. I was thinking of either aralditing it in place or running a full length gear outer through the frame instead, but then thought maybe I could get a replacement 3D printed.

It’s about 30mm by 15mm hole in the frame so would need to be that size with a bigger lip so it could be pushed into place, with a 5mm diagonal hole for the hose and a diagonal 5mm to 2mm hole for the gear cable stop

Do you have a photo of the piece?

I can get one tomorrow :+1:

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