50MM rims any suggestions

Finally getting ready to ride outside again but I need new wheels as my son has laid claim to my dura ace C50s since I haven’t used them this year. I’m looking for suggestions for a 50MM tubeless and rim brake wheelset.
Not sure on budget but certainly less that £1K

I’m looking at the Mavic Krysium Pro UST for my first foray into tubeless.

Loads of people in my club rave about Hunt wheels…however a fair few have gone wrong, but Hunt have always replaced them under warranty (just means you’re without wheels for a week or so)

Then there’s Zed: which are handbuilt in the UK, £59 for a lifetime crash warranty and £125 for them to fit Conti 5000 TLs.
Hub is loudAF :smiling_imp:

I’d be checking the time trailing and bike radar forums. Some serious bargains to be found on rim brake wheels now.

As Poet says the Hunts will be well within budget.

These Mavics come in just around your budget too. Currently out of stock, but supposedly coming back in a week

Thanks @Poet and @Adam if I was going to get a new bike then discs would be the choice. I have two good road bikes I am slowly moving to 11speed. My son is 16 and has staked ownership of my condor and c50s which are old and 10speed so he can have those as I will get the 11speed rims for the boardman air 9.8


I’d do the same I think. I must have 5 sets of various wheels - all rim brake though, so there wouldn’t be any swapping between bikes

A wheel builder will slap an 11sp hub in there for you and get it dished correctly…

…or, you can take out the 14/15T of an 11sp cassette, put the cog spacer at the rear of the 11sp cassette, then stick it on a 10sp hub. Et Voila! You’ve a perfectly indexed 10sp cassette on an 11sp bike. Just make sure you set the limit screw.

Or…if you want 11 gears, there’s a guy on the TimeTrialling forum who will mill out the rear of your cassette for £40 posted :+1:t3:


Thanks @Poet, I have 10speed Di2 and the crazy thing is due to limited availability I am quids in if I sell it I can buy 11 speed with change left over for the new 11 speed hub. As most of my riding is on the TT I don’t mind having R8000 on the bike.


So…you can sell 10 speed Di2, then buy mechanical 11speed?
Or Di2 11 speed?

I can’t find an 11 speed Ultegra internal battery and junction box kit anywhere

I might have a port boxes kicking about after previous builds that cane be used instead of junctions if needed

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Flo have 20% off which should cover the shipping - https://flocycling.com/collections/road-tri-collection

I have the same system

Rear mechs are just silly money…!

New ultegra is better

If I swap out the di2 for r8000 cable Ultegra I’ll give you a shout

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I have a spare BMR2 as I updated to a DN110, that I had kept “just in case”