6 Hour TT

There’s a Revolve24 event at Brands Hatch coming up in mid September, one of the events available is a 6h time trial - anyone done one of these?

Wondering if there’s any value in it as a focus/measure of IM bike performance…?

6h was my target at IMCH which I suspect I failed due to the temperature, I’m thinking I could target 180km and use BBS to get power targets and practice execution on what is a fairly hilly course imo.

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Did you used to indoor row?
Or have you ever been imprisoned?
I can think of 360 better minutes than spend circling this (get it :wink:)


Hmm, yeah 50 or so laps of the GP circuit or over a hundred if they use three Indy circuit…

But think of the aerodynamic data it would generate!

…ok, maybe this will be boring as hell.

Did one years ago at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney as a solo and another 12hr as a team of 3.

I can’t remember the exact figure but I didn’t reach 180kms, I think it it was 172 or something. It’s quite tricky, the teams guard the last wheel fiercely, so the solos were making friends here and there. Saw some sketchy handling, especially as folks got tired.

I’d raced a few 100 laps there racing motos, so knew my way around the place. Didn’t help my legs though. :smile:

Have a good/patient support crew. There were no trackside hand ups allowed when I did it, you had to come into the pit garages.

Epic fun :sunglasses::+1:

sounds …erm fun for about an hour. It is deceptively hilly there though with little flat.

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Yup I’ve done the TTT there in the past (as part of Revolve24) and it’s really lumpy! Hailwoods hill up to Druid’s corner is definitely the toughest part of the lap, it’s only 20-30 seconds but reaches 25% so you’ll be out of the saddle putting the power down.
When we raced it, it was over the full GP circuit. 4 laps was just under a 10 mile TT so I’d imagine you’d be wanting to do about 50 laps like you suggested.
I’m not sure if my privacy settings will let you see this, but here’s the route from Strava - activities/1186128359

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Oh hi trisam, yes I was there for the 4TTT a couple of years back. GS Avanti are drumming up support for that again, and I noticed the solo6 hour available the next day.

Druids is out of the seat work for sure, but I’m not sure the total climb per lap.

I quite like stuff like this…!
It’s not for me as my season has come to an abrupt end I think…

No cars, you won’t get lost and you know the route… perfect

Go for it…!

Tt or road bike …?!
Ha ha !

“ In 3.9km a rider will have an elevation gain of 65m and endure a maximum gradient of 9% as well as hit maximum speeds coming off the iconic Druids hairpin bend as the track curves into the downhill off-camber Graham Hill Bend!”

65x50…3250m ascent over 50 laps…err. God it would be awful wouldn’t it?

No crew for solos included, so I’d carry three bottles and all my gels, bag this is not looking like fun!

But it’s only £45.

You must be able to find a flatter 100TT to test an IM ride. That doesn’t sound that pleasant or interesting.

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It sounds bad as a total number, but short punchy climbs like that are nothing like climbing 3,250m up an alp with no respite. You’d roll up a chunk of that elevation gain each lap just by carrying speed.

Only 9%? :thinking:

Depends how much speed you carry into a corner/ uphill/ tough bit…
Oulton park is 4.2 kms …
So 43 of those gets you 180 km”s
With a lap accent of 232 ft
That’s 10,000 ft of climbing…

IMUK is less than that but I 100% guarantee I would a lot quicker round the track than that god awful loop.

Road surface is such a major limiter on UK roads… I really need to do a foreign race and find out what shape I’m really in…

I really really wouldn’t like to run around it ten times … torture !

That’s one interesting point. The only time I’ve ridden on a race track was part of the Bahrain 70.3 route which took in the F1 circuit there. That was by far the slowest stretch of road on the day, as I presume the type of road surface a racing car wants for tyre grip purposes is entirely different to low crr tarmac that’s good for fast cycling (/a smooth, quiet highway for cars).

No idea what they put in the tarmac at Oulton, but for a hilly loop it’s very fast.
It’s in a bowl… ish so wind plays a big part.

With the twists and turns it’s never going to beat a dual carriageway, pan flat, smooth tarmac.

I’d be pretty confident of holding 30 kph around it for some time…

But I’ll never find out… I would actually like to try!
Strange I know

In my experience of Castle Combe, you do not want to be riding on a wet track; all the old (hard) rubber laid down on the bends is like glass in the rain. I’ve lost a back wheel but regained it in the past.

Is that a subtle attempt at telling us you have bike handling skillz


No he really did lose his wheel. Took him 44 damn seconds to find it.


Was it hiding attached to the back of his bike?

The 45c heat blurred his vision

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