70.3 Worlds on Saturday

With no October Kona this looks like the ‘A’ race to end the season for most. Originally this looked too close to Kona for any realistic doubling up, but not any more.

Iden will whisper his way to T2 then run down whoever’s in front the the W. Suspect Blu will try to latch onto Iden, hoping to do the same.

Can’t see anyone doing enough damage on the bike to challenge that, there’s no Jan and a few Uber bikers missing such as limping Lionel, Sebi. Long will be too far back. Ditlev can’t run quick enough.

The runners like Hanson, Goodwin, Baekergard (?) will get shelled on the Snow Canyon climb.

Way more intrigued and up for this, fascinating race and pretty much all the big dogs there outside Duffy. Ryf looked great last time out, LCB has shown real run speed thus year and will bust the race up on the swim. Knibb could do anything.

Let’s hope Salthouse and Holly end up swimming together, seeing as Tyson Fury and Joshua didn’t get to fight….:rofl:

Can’t call it, but really hope LCB gets her first WC win. I hope the coverage of the women’s race isn’t lost now it’s a 1 day event.

I really like the sound of the course, would love to race either the IM or next year’s WC here.

70.3 is probably the most entertaining and fascinating distance so definitely worth carving a few hours out to watch on Sat pm…


Nice course!

The run course looks similar to the old IM run course - run uphill for 6km, downhill for 5km and repeat.

Goodwin didn’t get shelled on Snow Canyon in May. Why would he now? What’s changed?

Hope he does hang on but a World Championship deep field with everyone bring their A game will make it much tougher than a regional 70.3.

What (UK) time is it starting, where do we watch it? Do I have to sign up to Facebook messenger?

He’s bringing his A game.
Tell me who will out bike him then? Not out swim, out bike. Who are the Uber bikers these days? How will Baekkegard be shelled when he’s one of the best swimmers so could be up the road and a good biker?

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Shouldn’t you be winding up Sebi or something? :rofl:

No idea how things will go other than I suspect Iden will be flying. The women’s race looks like it really could be a close one. I hope Findlay is on it and at the front of the race.

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I think a few people have gone for a Blum vs Iden 1-2 from what i’ve read in the tri media.

What’s your call then @MrPG ? Clearly you’re backing your lad, but how do you see it unfolding on the weekend?

Just for the record I didn’t say anything about Sebi at all. I think I know who did wind him up about his selection and it’s poor ‘reporting’ by tri247 to just repeat it without checking. And if he’s getting wound up about me that’s ridiculous. The PTO are encouraging stupid ‘smack talk’ and some of the athletes who are engaging in it don’t like it back.

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@MrPG no specific ‘x will outbike George’ but I remember him being pretty much up there in St G off the bike . I got quite excited - but he seemed to fall apart on the run, certainly fell out of contention and I think out of the top 10.

Without any additional knowledge I assume he overbiked to stay in the group; therefore can’t afford to repeat that if he wants to run well.

280w isn’t over biking. It was a stomach issue.

I was only joking. I didn’t see it on tri247 I saw him say it on the coverage or youtube or similar and I thought it hilarious that he was mentioning you. It seemd ridiculous that he did that. I have no idea what the prelude to that was or how much he was encouraged to do some smack talk.

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