AB takes on Badlands 5/9/21

I’m guessing these sorts of events have plenty of ‘old sweats’ and his banter game would probably backfire :grin:

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He’s done a bit of bike packing in the off-season, usually around the UK but just goes off on a multi-day self supported camping trip by bike.

I’d say that was chris herberts last night… seems to have patched himself up with a t-shirt & strap to stop the bleeding.

But AB was way ahead before that…


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Bossing the lorries on the A-92 no doubt

“Pull your turn” etc :grinning:


At a service station by the looks of it.

With these types of events do you have to re-enter the route exactly where you left it?

Yes… well usually.

Looks like a long stop… more mechanicals i guess.

Or stuffing his face with :cake: , probably no Yorkshire Tea available though

He has shared a couple of things on his Insta stories whilst he’s been stopped

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He’s moving again and looks like he did go back to where he left the course :+1:


Seems to be moving well and chasing down the guys he was near before :slight_smile:

Up to 9th with 471km done, the guy in 8th is long way in front.

7th with 604km done, winner finished in 45hrs

The two ahead look catchable, depending on how long he stays at CP5

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Hmmm i dunno… on the graph they’ve all been moving at a similar rate, if anything the next two have got faster since they came together so i guess they’re racing it in :smiley:
If anything Sule is looking slower… altho i’m not sure the graph updates very often.

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Fun fact, Paul Voss in 10th is an ex pro road rider

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Done, 6th in 57hrs 20mins.

Chapeau, I bet he’s half killed himself. Probably a bit similar to Cracknell doing marathon de Sables.


Yeah looks like he really put some effort in for the last couple of segments, faster than all the current finishers.

Not a bad debut for that sort of thing :grin:

The two ahead managed to keep him at an 8-10k gap.
Sule is awol or at least his tracker has gone dead, guessing he finished somewhere along the way too.
Sofiane made a big push in the last 80k or so to drop Justinas.

Not bad AB :slight_smile:

14 punctures apparently

That’s from Ruth Astles insta story

That’s got to be more than bad luck surely?
Poor choice of equipment or choice of line over rough ground maybe?
ETA - I have no experience of this sort of event so don’t know what an acceptable/normal number would be to be honest.