AB takes on Badlands 5/9/21

Unsupported 750km with 15k ascent, interesting choice…at least it shouldn’t impact his dodgy ankle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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He needs to get some tips from @ed_m !

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Bit short for him? :joy:


It’s like the coach/physio said “Just restrict your self to Z2 on the bike. Sure, you can do as much as you like.”


He caught me on a MTB ride we were doing across North Yorkshire moors two years back at a point we we were all walking (him Included). One of my group started admiring his bike (I don’t think he recognised who AB was :sweat_smile:) and Ali was saying it was by far his favourite, much preferred it to road.


has AB had his ankle op yet does anyone know??

He has. He had it shortly after the Leeds race.

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ta for that

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Tracker in case anyone else wants to follow along…not sure what time it starts.

ETA: starts 8am on 5th


Possibly unsurprisingly, 1st place through 121km…but not too far to 2nd.

Couldn’t have been too far to 7th either, because that’s where he is now……


Seems to have stopped at 121km… :thinking:

Maybe not, at 167km in 20th

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Only 500 km odd to go……:rofl:


Now 35th… long coffee stop :smiley:
I do wonder if he’s really up to this… but fair doos… we shall see.

13th 215km in

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346km, 8th.

400km to go, plus a brick run off? :rofl:


I’m wondering if he’s paced himself :sweat_smile: Plus a lot more to consider logistically and tactically on an event of this length/duration.

Someone on Slowtwits said he had a load of punctures

Spits out coffee. Alistair Brownlee? He’ll have found a way to heckle the other guys even if they’re kilometres apart.

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And elbowed some bloke into a ravine when overtaking…