Aero bottle

Trying to find some kind of aero bottle for short events. Appreciate you don’t need to hydrate during if properly hydrated before - but always seem to get a really dry mouth and just want a sip of something.
For long stuff I have my speedfil which I love - but its obviously got way more capacity than I need and with 10 foot of straw coming out isn’t exactly aero.
I can find elite, bontrager and xlab all do aero bottles for downtube - all seem mega overpriced and reviews are awful.
Any others out there?
Or would I be better just throwing a soft flask in a pocket for the amount I need.

Small round bottle on the seat tube? The impact is negligible.

3.5W at 40kph. Unless you’re at the pointy end is that going to make much difference. I appreciate you spend a lot of time and money to get aero to throw watts away, but if the aero offerings are shite and you spent more time getting them in and out, is that any better. The aero bottles still have a 1w penalty so the net impact is 2w. That can’t even be in the margin of error for testing can it?

I’m still yet to find one that I rate! I’ve had 3 versions of the elite bottle as it tests well on my frame, but the lids rarely match the bottle profile well and most of the liquid ends up sprayed all over your bike.

I’ve heard good things about the bottles designed for the Giant Trinity, but not sure how easy they are to purchase separately.

Ok, maybe overthinking it.
Can stick it on the seat tube too. Yeah I’m not that far at the pointy end to worry about a few watts.


Round bottle BTA? Remember when that was obligatory about 8/9 years ago!

I have been using a Torhans Aero 30 since 2017; I probably have a surplus Aero 20 if you’re interested. I will have a ferret about if you think you might like it.

Thanks Jorgan - Torhans have a few options… interesting.