Aero Road Helmet

Looking for a new aero lid and keen to find out what is on every ones list?
My Spesh Evade is 10 years old and my race in Bilbao has 14km of ascent so no TT lid for me as I’ll be riding my Canyon road bike with clip ons.

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I found the Carnac Aero Road from Planet X decent.

I dont have any indication of its aero performace but its comfortable, not too hot, and I dont look like a complete twat wearing (no more than usual I mean).


Bonty Ballista for me, had some good reviews a few years ago, always been good for me.

And bizarrely someone is selling one on a local forum for £50 hardly used but only a medium so no good for me.


Erm, hang on…wind back here…

14,000m of ascent?!?

W. T. A. F. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

That’s my ANNUAL elevation :smirk:

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I read it as a 14km long climb?


Yeah on what is probs a sprint or oly ride.

The standard duathlon course is 2 laps, each with a climb that is 7km long.