Aero Tweaks

So on the BoastAbiut Your Recent Purchases thread I’d posted my new TT bike.

I wanted to follow up, for the cost of the Shimano DI2cable tool I’ve tidied up the front end a little bit. Need to tape the cables down to beaten them up but it looks better now. Someone also noted that the frame top cap was backwards, fixed that. I also widened the pads slightly to help with comfort. Next step would be a TT bike fit once lockdown rules allow, I think I need a slightly longer stem but will wait for the fit before buying anything.

Can’t figure out how to sort the brake cables better other than shorten the housing which I think is possible

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Nice placement - those cables look a whole load neater.

Not sure that towel over the saddle is going to do you any aero favours :rofl:

Turbo towel - at this point I’m surprised it’s not grown legs and walked off.

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I’d sort out that vacuum cleaner and paint tin placement before anything else :wink: