AeroCoach AEOX freehub body (OEM or C/W), true challenge?!

A friend of mine has a big challenge with AeroCoach AEOX freehub. He has almost pristine, some five years old AEOX. The AEOX has really very, very few miles of use (less than 300 miles) and now the freehub body gave up during an ordinary on the road warm-up. AeroCoach was approached via an email and they were just plain unhelpful. They do not supply spares to that old (?!) products and they seem not to know what they manufactured/assembled/sourced just so recently. So they couldn’t even help on where to find a compatible freehub body. Just “you may find it somewhere”! Which means it is probably not a unique design. Long story short; we don’t really exactly know what we’re after:-( Not finding a spare will render the AEOX scrap as we are not able to go through any complex machining projects. I have attached some photos of the damaged freehub body (with dimensions). If anybody knows what this freehub body can be replaced with or would like to sell one will likely save my friend’s season budget. Please check the attached photos for details.

IMG_20230608_112211_dimensions_more final



Kin ell!
I’d expect Xav to be a bit more helpful than that :person_shrugging:t3:

Surely it’s just a standard freehub screw on body?
It’ll just be the internal diameter that’s relevant, as the length and cassette part are all standard (ish!)

I think!!!

What’s given up about it?
That looks serviceable to me :man_mechanic:t5:

Those pawls look cheap as, that’s probably why, just some random no-name piece of ali-express that they don’t want to admit too…

There any identifying marks visible anywhere on the rest of the hub?

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We’re afraid this can only be repaired with a proper spare part freehub body. Both pawl seats are broken :frowning:

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No markings at all. And AliExpress is bottomless :frowning:


ah, so this actually a double part pawl thing, the other more robust part is completely gone, that’s why it looked so shit!

Reckon it might be a Hope hub542 / 3

Well let’s be serious 542, no-one rides campag any more…

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Yes…having seen a photo of Hope hub542 I was also Hopeful. However, I’ve been unable to verify the diagonal of the pawl carriers in hub542. In my eyes it looks to be more than AEOX’s freehub 33mm?

No idea if this will help but a guy from the Wirral … Liverpool ish is selling a damaged aerocoach disc for £150 or was it £175 ?

Hope this helps if I’m miles out … please ignore

It’s on FB market place

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hi all…the case is still very much open. Any fresh insights on this are welcome and will be duly checked for possible application.

Deleted. Looks like you posted on time trialling forum 40 mins ago. Hope you have some luck there.

After checking literally hundreds of ‘maybe’ alternatives we after all found a match from China, where else! Luckily it at least looks a lot more durable than the original AEOX part. The bad is that from China it takes about a month to arrive. Anyways, the order is now in. Another option we considered was to try to modify a new Fulcrum R0-201 with 17mm bearings and parts (still plan B in case we fail with A). Hence, this case is now suspended until the delivery. Many thanks to all who paid attention.


Good you have found something. Dont be too disheartened about the China delivery times. I have found the estimates can be wildy pessimistic. Ive ordered electrical components that say they will take months to arrive and have turned up in less than 2 weeks.

Did you get this sorted as a mate of mine used a Nukeproof neutron v2 hub and that worked I believe

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First time I’ve seen this thread. Tbh, you really want to be avoiding just buying more crap as a stop-gap, and actually replace the hub with something decent from a UK supplier. Is it the disc or deep rim? The latter would be a much easier swap-out obvs. Aero Coach response lamentable.

Lot of first-time posters here.