After a bit of pricing advice

Hi all, I hope everyone is fit, healthy and happy.

I’m offloading a bit of gear. Had a hip and back issue for nigh-on 2 years now and my TT bike is wasted sat in the garage.

I’ve no appetite to take triathlon seriously and can’t run.

Been switched off from everything for a year and was wondering what kind of price I should be looking for my bike.

Giant Trinity Pro 0. Etap, Flo wheelset, Wattshop pads, ZIPP extensions. Large size
I’ve seen loads of bikes not sell on eBay but loads sell on Facebook groups but don’t want to price myself out of a sale, or give it away.

Any ideas?

Photos for reference

Pick with wheels on


What size is it?

Large. I’m 184cm and usually a 58.

Go for it GB :grin:


Has all the original spacers, screws, original arm pads.
One of the clicks on the right pole needs a small fitting as it has sunk into the pole a few mm but doesn’t affect pressing it

That’s one sweet ass ride :heart_eyes:

Hope country life is treating you well 🧑‍:ear_of_rice: :tractor: :ear_of_rice:

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Loving it over here. Rode 80km without seeing a traffic light the other week! Kids love the school and we’ve settled well, thanks for asking.


That’s awesome to hear :ok_hand:t4:

I’m having a wall built, said on another thread “…I could’ve had a nice Giant Trinity for the price of this damn wall :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ha ha ha :see_no_evil: :rofl:

Mind you, the wall looks good!

I’d sell the wheel(set) individually for £600 for the disc and £250 for the front?

Then the Trinity looks like it’s worth £2k

The extensions, unfortunately, don’t add value :cry:

If you’ve got the originals, then I’d whack them on and sell the WattShop and Zipp bars individually.
Probably get £50 / £100 for them.

So £3k all in, top value?

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Tell me about it. I’m just having a garden room built and an extension to the barn that the in-laws live in.
Selling the bike won’t touch the sides! :flushed:

Gonna buy a Ribble gravel bike, I think.


Hope those are reclaimed Cheshire Handmade bricks :money_with_wings:

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Not sure how much it’s worth but would be interested as I’m looking for some tri stuff on the relative cheap.

If it’s not too personal, what’s your inside leg measurement?


Like @Poet I was going to suggest wth wheels like that you’d probably make most money selling them seperately.

It looks like you have the Flo Aluminium + Carbon Disc rear and 60 front which retail for $849 (~£610) & $599 (~£430) new. So Poet’s estimate for the rear is a probably a little high?

Having a Flo 90 rear myself I could be tempted by the disc you you were to sell seperately?

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Let you know if anyone bids…

Yours is a better spec than this.

Etap alone is very expensive.

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That’s not sold.
No bids.
Over priced.

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Your correct.

Interesting thread. I’m about to prep my P3 for sale and instead of selling it with the 404s, I’m buying a cheap set of 11sp wheels from a mate.

Hard to sell with no wheels but I’ll never see the value of 404s if I sell them with the bike (plus I’ll probably keep them for the Bianchi)

I might even put the FSA Gossamer cranks back on and take the Ultegra 165s off.


Good luck in selling your bike. Looks really nice. :+1:

Can anyone recommend good places to sell a bike please as eBay has selling limits so I can’t sell it there. I’m going to post on FB Marketplace and Road Bike Reviews. Was going to post on here too but I am not allowed to create a new thread. I assume it is because I am a new member? I was a member years ago (before kids) so must have had my account deleted due to inactivity.

Sorry for asking in this thread.


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The forum moved over to new software about 2 years ago, that would make you show up as a new member now. New members on forums are often blocked from starting threads for a while to stop the bots taking over with spam. One of the admins may be able to help.


Thanks for the info Jgav. It’s definitely new looking since the last time I was around. Just getting used to it again now.

Think i’m all good now. I’ve been reading up on loads of threads and posting a bit which has now opened up my ability to start my own thread which i’ll do eventually :slight_smile: