AI coaching bots

Anyone tried? Eg AthleticAI

Might consider it if I ever train again for a big race.

$16 per month, look back through training data Strava /Garmin etc and then uses a trained machine learning model to suggest a training plan. At least, that’s what I understand from the blurb???

Would be interested to know from anyone who has tried.

You pay someone to access your data for an AI?

It’s a no from me.
Data = currency :. They should be paying you.


This :arrow_up:

Avoid like the plague.

It won’t be a Skynet programme able to autonomously think for itself.

Instead it’ll be a programme written using other training data, fallible to the same mistakes as any other coach.

Your training sessions will only be as good as the companies original data set.


Probably better than the identikit training plans from some human coaches, though


Don’t disagree with you there!