Air coolers

Anyone got one??

Wife still training in garage, now she’s running in there too it ain’t pleasant.

Already got 3 decent fans and not sure got the room or logistics for an AC unit (even portable).

So these air coolers popped up whilst browsing. A fan with basically a water (and ice) container to create some cooling.

Halfway house between a fan and AC, or just Amazon that? Reviews all seem fairly positive.

We’ve got one. It’s awful as a cooler. My wife’s idea…she was pissed off it didn’t live up to the hollow accolades on the website…

That said, when our boiler broke (twice) it was a cracking heater!!

Should add- it’s not that exact one, cost about £70-80.

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Yeah I thought they might be too good to be true.
She’ll just have to suffer :grimacing:

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I bought off ebay a portable ac in December. Noone else bid :grin:


We have a couple like this which i was massively sceptical of but seem to work… they have a water tank & small ultrasonic thing that vaprorises the water into the air flow.
Work best when blowing directly onto you but do a surprising job.

Had one years ago, dont remember it being particularly good. Also with those you have to look after them otherwise you get mould and stuff building up

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We’ve got one and it does provide some cooling, but it’s definitely closer to a fan than a full-on A/C unit. It takes the edge off the heat, but when we’ve had the really hot weather for the last couple of summers it’s barely made a dent in the heat.

It’s going to raise the humidity in whatever room you’re using it in, so maybe not ideal for an area you’re exercising in?

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