Alan Couzens & KQ - #Sciencefacts

Rather than completely derail the IMUK thread, thought I would move comments here instead


Nah - let’s derail that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty sure you’ve spelled his sirname wrong.

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Being as this was being discussed I had a look at the links and it looks like he has removed the excel table from the KQ benchmarks page? I couldn’t see where else it would be.

I remember somewhere he mentioned for KQ you are looking at 3.0-3.2W/kg for the bike but no idea if that is Avg or NP but do remember that is what TvR did at France the other year when he KQ’d.

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He has but I like what you did there


I like a lot of what Alan says and his general principles of improving at LC triathlon. I know I have a reflex response to seeing the hours, CTL, TSS, etc he suggests are needed to be overly scary. But then I think is that because I don’t do those hours, etc and the BOP/MOP/FOP he is referring to is big IMs and I can only relate the Outlaw?

He is quite good at interacting on ST and over social media, maybe we can see if he can come on here and put us straight (maybe after Bolton)?


I had a message exchange with him once, after a ST thread.

I think he is a very much about high volume low intensity (80/20, Norwegian style, zone 1 v low zone 2)


I fully subscribe to this approach, although I recognize that it requires a much greater time commitment

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I like him and anyone who’s willing to share their experience and huge amount of knowledge so freely and willingly, Seiler/Friel/Russ Cox to name just a few, plus many on here and TT1.0

I read their stuff for hours about LD tri as knew no one else doing the sport and was self training and figuring it out.

My biggest comment was agreeing with what @jaylen84 went on to say about required hours/CTL values. I think the highest I’ve ever got my CTL is 80, including some for gym, and about 12 hours average a week for a few months, far far less across a year.
Granted I plan to get back to that (currently in 50s but still improving), but will be a long slow process to build up.
Only training worth doing is what you recover from and currently that’s what limits me, not time. I don’t think there’s ever really any need to feel properly fatigued and keep training

I’ve never come across those quotes about expected improvements in a season, they certainly seem very very suspect!


How does that tie in with all your zwift racing, which sounds pretty full on?

I think the info AC and Gordo Byrn put out are superb with nothin but the desire to share their experience. I like data so his outlook appeals I guess.

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Yeah, that was what my chat was about - in connection with over training.

Basically v high volume, which needs to be at v low intensity to avoid over training. He thinks if you try and shortcut volume with intensity - which I am most certainly guilty of doing - it works well but isn’t sustainable for longer term gains.

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You hear about about the high intensity and the races, however, what you don’t hear about is the hours of low intensity work I do.

This is from all my training sessions since Jan 1


So what AC was saying to me is that most people, unless they are disciplined, do ‘low intensity/z1&2/easy’ sessions at high Z2.

The difference in recovery between low z2/z1 (below aerobic threshold entirely) and high Z2 (at or slightly above aerobic threshold) is huge, but the difference in benefit small.

I’m still guilty, 10hours a week training isn’t enough to elicit any low Z2 gains.

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I do most of mine in Garmin Zone 1, basically my low intensity efforts are all below 140 BPM, and I try to keep them below 130.

Zone 1 is below 137


I’m sure that in later years, I was guilty of this. Trying to beat my PB and thinking the answer must be more CTL and more intensity in longer sessions. The problem when you’re doing 16h weeks is it fits between the big-volume low intensity strategy, and low volume high intensity; worst of both worlds? :man_facepalming:

Where did you get that graph from @Matthew_Spooner ?

Search for it, there was a thread on it a while back. Think a member of the forum had created it.

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I must have missed that thread, will have a proper look at that.

Ah cool. Not seen that page before.

Mine isn’t too dissimilar to Matts.

I’ve spent more time in power zone2 though

His load and time spent though is massive compared to mine!! 264 hours so far for me

0.3 of a Gigacalorie in 6 months.

At that rate, reckon your sedentary twin would have gained around 6 stone so far this year