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What luxury, I’ve just got a "bucket & chuck it":joy:.

I’ll have to make sure I pitch up next to @mw22 so I can knock on his door to use his facilities at 2 in the morning & then again at 6 :+1:.


Likewise. A panel van, bucket and cat litter. Dead posh :grinning:


Van collected and back home.
7 hours of driving so pics limited…

Some lovely touches. All soft closures. Table doubles as the base for the middle bed section. Or can leave it there for a nice low casual table.
Dimmers on the lights…he enjoyed doing that for us :rofl:

Split bed board gives us loads of storage options without really impacting useable head space.

Need some gas and covers for Windows then good to go forb first trip in couple of weeks :grimacing:


looking good there.

perhaps we should have a TT campervan meet???

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Looks great👍

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They’d accidentally fitted a double swivel… Almost ended up buying it. But really don’t think we would use it.

Got the folding bracket on the front seat, so will drop that for some extra storage and/or just making the van feel bigger.

Only negative so far… Can’t move our recline the driver seat a great deal.
Tho Mrs MW will do bulk of driving.
Got an extra 10 degrees on the bench seat now too.

Dechromed the front and back.
Removed tatty trims.
Half arsed wash.

Maiden voyage next weekend :sunglasses:


tip - don’t post photos showing reg plate on an open forum. some scroat out there might take advantage of it.

Duly updated :+1:


And we are off…
Nice to just turn up, pop the roof and head on out with needing to really sort anything.
No kids on the campsite… It’s so peaceful!!


Busy campsite now :rofl:

Decent walk today… But one hill was a bit to much with little dog :see_no_evil:


If all camp sites were like this, I’d be camping every weekend. 32°c weather and 20°c water.


Has your wife expired yet? :grin:

She complained the weather was too hot but water too cold and stony :joy:

It’s an amazing site, each pitch has a permanent sunshade and an ehu which comes with a proper fridge.


Your looking buff.


That’s the hotel breakfasts for you…



Any update on the Van MW, things that went well, not so well, good bits of kit, kit you wish you’d had, that sort of thing.
I still think of myself as a relative newbie so always keen to learn from others.

Not much yet. We got the heating very very wrong, so just a learning curve on that. Have brought a mini oil filled radiator to use rather than burn diesel if on EHU.

The folding front seat is excellent bit of (over priced) kit. Really opened the van up and gave a dumping ground for few bits, but out the way.

Think when start taking the bike in it, will be another learning curve.

Just need to use it more… But don’t want to be leaving the kid every weekend, even tho he’s more than happy if we go.


Thanks, we’ve got an oil filled radiator which is great to leave on over night when it’s cold but not so good at getting the temperature up quickly if you’ve been out all day and it’s got cold but guess you could use your diesel one for that. We bought a small fan heater for that purpose as my van’s petrol which complicates the fitting of a diesel heater.

In respect of bikes I initially bought one of the tailgate racks then changed my mind (was worried about it wearing the paint and rusting where it fitted despite using helicopter tape everywhere it touched ) and fitted a towbar so I could use one that mounted there instead. There’s part of me thinking I should have stuck with the tailgate one as it stays on the van all the time rather than having to find somewhere to store it at home when not in use.
I can’t open the tailgate with the bikes on the rack, despite it tilting, so have to take them off as soon as we get there whereas you could leave them on a tailgate one too. Ho hum, you live and learn.

My other half isn’t very well at the moment (nothing life threatening but in a lot of discomfort and needs an operation) so can’t see us going away anytime soon but I went on a bit of a training weekend with some lads from the tri club and looking to do another of those and maybe a local festival on my own, but just a couple of days here and there.

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