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Thanks, my drive isn’t level so that’s probably not helping either. Should be ok now, everything will be cold when I put it in and I found some mahoosive freezer blocks which should keep it that way for a while.

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Although more expensive gas is much more efficient at cooling with our fridge. Have you used the gas before, tested it? It can be a bugger to ignite & takes a while to get through the pipes.


The guy showed it me working when I bought the van 4 years ago and I haven’t used it since.
We’ve always had EHU and my van uses one of those small (expensive) Campingaz 907 bottles so I haven’t been inclined to use it on gas up until now.

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Putting cold stuff in makes a huge difference, even on modern ones like we hire.


We live in a cul-de-sac that has a couple of laybys that can fit two well parked cars. Looked out the window this morning to see a motorhome in one. It’s been propped up at the front to level it out.

What is the legal status around this sort of thing?

Edit to add: Just asking out of curiosity at the moment. If it’s still there in a week then…

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That’s a bit cheeky!

We’ve had people living in camper vans on the roads around us before, usually with foreign plates. It’s all residents parking though, so the council moved them on after a few days.

There’s 3 really shabby looking touring caravans in the car park behind one of the council blocks that clearly have people living in them. Apparently one of the residents from the block is renting them out to families of immigrants. All pretty desperate.

Basically legal I believe, but there are loads of powers used to target travellers that means it’s also possible to move them on.

Could be visiting one of your neighbours?? For a short period it should be OK, but any longer than a day or 2 talk to the local council as there maybe local regulations that prevent this.

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It could be family friends of neighbours for a few days? Looks to be anew van and well kept, I’d imagine a short term annoyance

My parents friends stay in their van when visiting my parents - “home” type convenience for old ducks. They never stay more than 1 or 2 nights so that can might move off today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies. Could be visiting neighbours or the very large public park nearby. As per my edit at the bottom I’m not really concerned at the moment, but was just curious about the longer term legalities (if that were to become an issue). It does seem a bit of a grey area, as people say a night or 2 would be fine but… but legally it seems unclear. It seems if they are planning to stay the night the carpark in the park might have restrictions against that, which the public road doesn’t, the road is also free!

I’m not really inconvenienced until the filled up laybys result in other vehicles parking on the road which is quite narrow and twisty, so makes navigating it more awkward.

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that’s only half a tank of fuel :sweat_smile:


Too warm for this shit.

Halfords electric fridge is holding its own at the minute though. Will report back tomorrow :+1:


Could you have pitched them a bit closer?


Aaaaaand the vans been twatted into a rock.
Alloy cracked, tyre split and a gouge down the biggest panel on the van :sob:

Not guilty btw.


Oh no, hope you get it sorted without too much hassle. Must be gutting after getting everything just how you wanted it.


Well trying to stop the wife having meltdown. Not sure how managed it on drivers side tho :person_shrugging:

AA been dire. Now waiting on VW assist. Garage booked in.


As long as there’s no suspension damage, get a wheel and tyre on it and you’re mobile again then sort the bodywork as and when.


Hope you get it sorted mate. Is the fridge still working? :grin:


Got the van back. Considering only dropped it off last Weds night - pretty impressed.

Can’t tell the panels been worked on at all - looks mint; compared to

Wheels been welded - tho still looks a bit messy with all the welds showing. Not sure how much that can cosmetically be sorted - but at least we are back on the road. Gives me time to do some wheel shopping.