Alternative to Torq recovery?

Anyone have good suggestions for an alternative to Torq for recovery drink?

Basically I love it, but it has now gone up from an expensive £30 a bag to an absurd £40 a bag and I refuse to pay that.

the SIS seems to be full of chemicals and tastes like it.

I’m not interested in a home made fangled wonder as I am useless at being organised enough to regularly make it.

Any other suggestions? Must protein have as well as carbs.

milk? If you’re feeling fancy, just add Nesquick

Ha, thanks. Unfortunately its protein content is really low.

You did say you weren’t interested, but I mix up 2 scoops of MyProtein Whey Protein Powder with 2 scoops of Instant Oats Powder & always have some prepared in a clip-lock stoarge thingy ready to use.

Alternatively you could buy the ready mixed MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend.

Thanks - I could do that. I don’t mind scooping.

It’s when it becomes mix x + y, + a peeled scoop of Z plus some of G which was left in the fridge overnight, and then blend in your uberjuice machine etc that I can’t deal with it.


I’ve been using the decathlon recovery drink. Tastes no worse than any others I’ve used :joy:


I use this (being significantly over 35)


I feel you.

As an over-50 I’ve doubled the recommended single scoop of the MP protein powder to get about 40g of protein & a couple of scoops of the oats gives me something like 50g of carbs.

I enjoy the High5 recovery powder, made with oat milk, or 4% whole milk. NOT with water!

But, it’s s touch over a pound a portion.

If you happen across For Goodness Shakes on offer in a supermarket - SNAP IT UP!
It keeps reasonably well and Tesco/Sainsbury’s seem to sell it for £1 at alternate times.

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Either something from My Protein, or Home Bargains. HB do Protein Dynamix stuff which I’ve been using (£14.99 for 2kg)


I love For Goodness Shakes when travelling or on a camp. Too expensive to use at home but very convenient to throw in a travel bag.

This is going down a treat. Thanks.

So do you guys always use this stuff, or just when in big training cycles? I used to take recovery drinks when i was in a big training block, but haven’t done so (trained hard or taken supplements!!!) for a long, long time now.

I am finding that i am slower to feel fresh after hard sessions. Not sure if picking up a good recovery routine will help or not … or if it’s just that bastard Father Time catching up with me?!

I always use a recovery drink, or some chocolate milk at the very least, on anything other than an ‘easy/recovery’ session.

On top of the direct nutritional benefit (taking in carbs and protein at the time it is best absorbed, kick starting recovery before the next session etc.) it makes family meals a lot easier as I can eat normal food/portions rather than insisting they follow a diet to help my training! :slight_smile:

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After a big session I have a recovery drink. Usually it’s just a couple of bananas, whole milk, honey, ice and whack it in the blender.

Otherwise, I just get home hungry, eat the fridge before I’ve had a shower, then wish I hadn’t. With a shake, I get something down and whilst having a shower, can think about healthy replenishment.

Vanilla Ice Cream flavour?

Honest question, why would you want to get your recovery carbs from a sugar powder?
Nice food is a significant driver for me to do exersise and I make sure to have somthing nice ready like a good slab of carrot cake or similar after a workout.

I eat slabs of carrot cake as part of my normal diet :blush:

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I will give the ice cream a try

Not always, but try to after a hard workout, especially if I have another workout that day.

Im using Impact Whey protein because I bought a sack of it last year and hardly put a dent in it. Do NOT ask me the use by date.