Android Building Games for Kids (free)

Little one is badgering me incessantly to find a building game to go on a Tablet/Phone. He’s seen a tutorial on Minecraft on Kids YouTube, but I know that’s a pay-to-play game. He’s 6 next month, so it needs to be age appropriate i.e. easy enough to understand. Is there anything out there? Thanks in advance.

My daughter’s 6 and I just paid for Minecraft over the weekend (it’s only £7 or so).

However, I know she obsesses about something called ‘Roblox’ - I think many of her school friends play this as well. I have actually little idea what it is other than it looks very similar to Minecraft - you run around and build/collect stuff as far as I can see… My disinterested interpretation is that Roblox looks like a platform from which many developers have built various games based upon it.


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