sorry to hear your news but welcome to my world. I’m on BBs and a statin and yes, BBs are not great for active athletes as it means you can’t push the heart harder than the BB allows. they can also make you wheezy so talk to the GP about that and it may mean trying a few to find one that suits better - I’m on Nebivolol at 1.25mg dose (lowest) and it seems to make me less wheezy.

statins - no issues at all bar having nicely low cholesterol levels….:smile:

I also had a +ve colon cancer test and had a colonoscopy last Feb with 4 small polyps removed. Nothing serious in any of them but will need another colonoscopy every 3 years now - once you’re on that pathway you’re locked into it sadly but best be safe. The procedure had some discomfort as you’d expect but was better than I thought it might be.

As for the laxative regime pre-procedure - it’s not nice. Simple as. Pissing out of your arse for a few hours is not the best way to spend an evening!

PM me if you need any more insight


What a crap year, hopefully the colon is minor like FB!

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Thanks for this FB.

I know the colon thing is only a 5% chance of being anything serious, but there’s a family history on my mothers side.

I’m really not looking forward to the BB’s but I clearly need them. I’ll just have to do the best I can and be grateful for what I have.


That’s not really surprising. I always think the worst time with anything health related is the not knowing, when you’re waiting for results or diagnosis and your mind is in overdrive with whatifs. It sounds like you’re right in the middle of that unknown period and it’s massively stressful.

That is far easier to say right now but once you know what you’re dealing with it may become easier. With clearer information you can build a plan to manage it the best way possible whereas you’re a bit in limbo at the moment. Most of us take health for granted and it’s crushing when we get knocked off balance. Really hope it all improves for you soon.


Thanks Bob

precisely that.

biomechanical issues (broken bones, muscle tears etc) most of us can cope with OK as most are either self inflicted or as a result of something you had little control over.

but when your internal organs start playing funny buggers with you then it becomes a whole new game of grief.


I am reading through this thread as I missed it earlier this year. @roscoemck really sorry, you are a great athlete and this is a big setback.

Before you make any decisions, I would recomend looking at research for whole food plant based diet. I am not vegan, however, I am very aware of the research. If I start to exhibit heart conditions or angina, I would almost certainly give up alcohol and adopt a whole food plant based diet, at least until I could see if it made a difference.

It is a tough one. I love beer, I know it’s not good for me, I do drink too much. I do eat a helthier diet, however, I love a nice piece of beef or fresh fish… I would be gutted to give these up, but…

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Thanks Matt, that’s something I’m looking at again.

At my fittest I was vegan, but have lapsed over the last few years. Something to definitely consider again.

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@roscoemck how are you doing mate?



It’s been a while.

Things are certainly looking up after a pretty tough time. I had an appointment with the consultant last night and he’s really pleased with my progress. Other than a bit of furring in one artery i’m doing fine. They’ve got the balance of meds spot on and I’ve had no chest pains since February. The consultant said I could start pushing myself again.

Since I was last on here, I had a bit of a meltdown which ended up with me being off work for 4 months with stress and depression. As well as the health issues, there was a situation going at work that I was dragged into. I started back at work in March and am feeling much better in myself.

I’ve done a lot of work to get where I am now, counselling, meditation etc.

Might sound odd, but I feel i’m a better person and in a better place because of the last 15 months.


Sounds tough Roscoe but great to see you have managed to pull out some positives. Glad that you are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Good news about the angina if they’re getting it under control, sounds like a rough time but hopefully you’re back on the way up :+1:

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Pleased things are looking more positive for you

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Good to hear you’re on the mend.

I’m in a similar boat at the moment - high BP, high cholesterol, angina-esque symptoms, 8 week wait for the RACPC, so I went private. Still kept the NHS appointment as it’s the same consultant :joy:

He seems to think it’s just high BP…

I was 113/74 in May (health MOT)
It was 186/113 at the private clinic in July :exploding_head::fire:

Got a home monitor and it’s everywhere from 126/69 to 144/89 - so not sure where the clinical reading came from?

Got the treadmill and bike tests to come.
Running is painful on the chest.
Cycling is okay.
Swimming? What’s that? :joy::face_with_peeking_eye::flushed::flushed:


I feel for you mate, the waiting is the worst. I was diagnosed April 22 and it’s only this week that I’ve been told it’s controlled and I can crack on.

BP is a weird one, I’m always around borderline, regardless of how many meds they give. Doc says it’s just one of these things.

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slightly off topic but have just read this article about Nick Isiekwe returning to top level rugby after open heart surgery for a dilated aorta. Quite amazing stuff.

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