Annual Picture Quiz 2023

Continuing the discussion from Christmas 2023:

Bringing it into a thread of its own. Here goes everyone’s productivity for the next week or so

Tips in spoiler tags if people ask for them

20 and stuck. Film buff I am not.

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Yeah it gets hard very quickly

(That’s what she said…)


Stuck on 22. Recognise some things but can’t work out the film.

I stared at that orange cat for far too long. Just got it.


Up to 31 now. The battleships thing is really bugging me. There is a film called Battleships but it wont accept it

Nope. Not getting sucked in this year…

32 - I’m missing some of the big clues there

Up to 50 so far, but it is very fussy about syntax such as spaces, apostrophes etc. and not always correct to the actual film title.


I got eight and a few of those I entered thinking they must be included but not because I’d seen the prop. So I’m probably a safe five. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some items are props from the films, some are cryptic clues.

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