Another age group EPO cheat

and the forum

love the 1st reply on the forum!!


Hah, he certainly wins Slowtwitch this week!

There must be literally no chance that tosser wasn’t doping when he KQd and went 8:40.


TBH I’m more surprised by the fact that they have dope testing at a sportive than I am by an AGer using EPO :rofl:


It’s a hobby… !

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just been looking at the GFNY website - there’s this about their approach to doping -

seems the 2 caught this year aren’t the 1st at this event - they’ve had 5 previously. also interesting to see they do out of competition testing being the 1st event to do so for amateurs. which kind of makes it more odd that dopers even enter the event if they are at the pointy end and likely to get tested.

That ST thread is amazing.
I wonder if Cape Epic is going to pick up on this and start testing?

Oh no wait - it’s owned by ASO now, so that will be no.

I wonder how the out of competition testing works in practice? People doing these events are obviously not part of any whereabouts system, so I assume they just turn up at the chosen athlete’s home address and hope that they are home.

Yeah, but what if they have a No Cold Callers sticker.

don’t Kona do out of competition testing for top age groupers? no idea how it works in practice though.

And that’s why there are so few qualms about cheating.

I’m sure you could hide behind the sofa until the testers get bored and leave :rofl:


If you take your KQ slot, you have to sign an authorisation document agreeing to the possibility of OOC testing. Anecdotally, they do test people.

I seem to remember one of the Team Freespeed members mentioning that they’d been OOC tested a couple of years ago

I had no idea that any competition was doing OOC tests for AGs.

I suspect it’s mostly dopers shopping each other to increase their chances.

Charlie Pennington; he was still in the Marines then iirc, so he would have been nuts to use anything that would lose him his pension (it was the same for me - I got tested quite a bit in my last 4 years in the forces).

yep - it was Charlie

Were they targeting you by any chance?

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did he want a fridge and empty coke cans with his accommodation request?

Well they tested an awful lot of other people to disguise the fact if they were! I just think it’s the shrinking number of units to test, and the same number of testing teams across the 3 services. I was at a unit manned by all services, and they would test anyone regardless of cap badge.

Got my pension, so must be legit :blush: