Anyone interested in training in Switzerland?

I would really love to start a triathlon / cycling / running training camp in Switzerland, however, this is a long term plan.

In the summer my Daughter goes to University, this means that will will have 3 rooms free in our house. My wife and I discussed it, and we think that it would be a great idea to use the extra space for other triathletes, runners and cyclists to come to Switzerland to take part in events, or just use as a base for training for a week or so.

There is a direct train every 30 mins from Zurich Airport to Zug, which takes about 45mins. We live 6 mins from the station. Flights to Zurich are pretty cheap. Zug is an excellent location, easy access to the airport and the Alps are right on the doorstep.

I already have a decent collection of bikes, however, I would add some extra bikes in different sizes so that people don’t need to bring a bike with them.

Would the concept of a cheap place to stay, with a focus on sports appeal? It would be possible to organise a group of friends (up to 6) to come over to run an event like Trail Run Einsedeln, Zyterm Triathon or any of the other events that are run, alternatively I could organise a run round the Zugersee Skyline (53km 3000m), or ride a few mountain passes


Sounds like a winner to me.

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A fab place to train…

two issues to consider with training camps - insurance & customer experience

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Yes, that was my first thought; where do you draw the lines as far as liability etc. The moment you charge any money for stuff…

Even when you don’t charge money, the coach is liable…

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This is certainly something I would need to look at. I was initially planning to just charge for accomodation, essentially the sports would be free. One advantage of Switzerland is that liability is on the individual, I am pretty familiar with this as I am on a commitee of a cycling club. Its up to individuals to understand their own limits… However, I am sure that insurance would still be required