Apocalypse Playlist

Went out for a run yesterday and had to chuckle at a couple of songs that came up on my iPod. They’ve always been on there but circumstances make you notice them more:
Alive & Kicking - Simple Minds
Alive - Pearl Jam
20 Seconds to Comply - Silver Bullet (Think we might be approaching the relevance of this one)

Ps. Rules of the thread, don’t just think of songs with a connection, these have to have come up on the radio, playlist etc.

Mad World (but only the Tears for Fears one obviously, lyrics are great, if you’re a key worker and kid is still going to school)

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The Doors - The End
Queen - The Show Must Go On
Queen - Bicycle Race

All came up on my Spotify Play list 2 days ago

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Don’t forget to invite @FatPom :blush:

Obviously you want “In the House In A Heartbeat” by John Murphy (28 Weeks Later). there are a lot of remixes of that about.

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Has Boris got the virus

I’ve changed the thread title as, at a glance, it looked too much like the main thread.

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