Apple Airtags Gplama


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I’ve been looking at these for use in the new Campervan instead of going down a GPS tracker route - for the price it’s worth a punt I reckon and being a new idea (OK - Tile have had similar for a while) it won’t be prone to blocking.

one downside I have read - they don’t work well if the object the AirTag is on is moving

They look useful. I’ll probably stick a couple in my best bikes. I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with the information though? I can’t see the police entering and searching some scrote’s squalid shit pile of a home because my iPhone says my bike might be there?

The anti-stalking measures defeat the stolen detection measures though, and I cannot see how they can be resolved, the balance has to go to the anti-stalking.

So it might help on being stolen by the really lazy not that up to opportunist, but anyone who’s serious will block it immediately, and if they have some iOS devices of their own, it’ll let them know and help them do it 'cos it thinks you’re being stalked.

Of course it’s much worse to help people stalk you, so they’re going to have to keep that more importantly than the theft protection.