Apple Security Issue

Seems Apple have a major security headache and are advising everyone to update.

I have an ipad mini 3 that i use every day. It’s too old to take the latest updates. How does that sit with security risks? Built in obsolescence does my head in.

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Just had a quick look and looks like the 3 isnt vulnerable so you should be ok.

Patched all mine yesterday.

TBF Apple don’t have a bad lifecycle compared to some and supporting legacy devices and software isn’t cheap

Film on a 2014 iPad mini right now and it says I’m up to date?

The last update for my Mini was IOS 12 something. Doesn’t support after 2015.

I know mine is too old to watch Netflix on but it does seem to update now and then.

There are open remote code execution flaws against iOS12 that are unpatched, which as it’s out of support is not unexpected.

As how it sits with security - yeah it doesn’t.

Ohhh ffs, screw the security issue. GCN have just updated their app. Now needs IOS 13. My Ipad is stuck om 12.5 something.

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