Apple Watch 6

Revealed the other day

And the DCR review

The Fitness+ service interests me from a variety point of view too

I work in IT. I’d rather saw my own testicles off the buy and Apple product.

I have Apple iPads and iPhone :grin: I’ve been using an iPhone since they 1st came out and prior to any Android stuff - frankly CBA to change. Mrs FB uses a Pixel phone and a Samsung tablet

the SE watch is of interest because of it’s price point


I do have an iPad & iPhone but I’ll be sticking with the Garmin for now, not convinced by the Apple Watch as a serious race watch for triathlons etc., but for a lot of people it would be a reasonable option given apple pay etc.

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I had one of the first iPods (without the click wheel, when you still needed an Apple computer) and have continued with Apple ever since.
I have long dispatched with iTunes/iMusic, as it totally eats your PC and the UI is awful - Spotify is far better.

Anyway…I scored a Series 2 from a colleague for £50 when the Series 5 came out last year.
I rate it as a watch, so much so that I haven’t worn one of my dress watches since owning it!

I used to use it for a few training sessions, however…

…you have to rely on the native swimming app, or MySwimPro, to get any kind of meaningful data on a swim.
Pressing the button in the water is a chore, as they really are not designed for the wet.
This would make splitting your Swim -> T1 laborious.

…for running. I run with music. Always. I had to re-install iTunes and load up some music purchases I’d made aeons ago - so all I had was some really outdated music to run with. Which was okay, but not ideal.
It tracks HR well enough, even for a Series 2.
The joy of the Apple Watch is not having to wear a HR strap, or take a phone out, when doing a 30 minute jog.

…for cycling. Power. NOPE! You can record it via a third party app, but cannot see the data in real time.
Also, looking at your wrist whilst cycling isn’t a great idea, is it?
Unless you’re admiring your Richard Mille RM 17-01, that is :wink:

So, I’d say it’s a decent watch, that can act as a back-up for your multisport needs when needs must.

I use it for all training. S2. Bike indoors I add TR or Rouvy for power. Run indoors add Zwift. Outdoor bike use Garmin edge.

Also lifting with the StrongLifts 5x5 app.

Body composition with the Salter app for their scales.

I wouldnt use a watch for swim or bike on Ironman race day anyway, only run anyway.

The health and wellness offerings are improving across the industry as I mentioned on the S5 thread last year, and as the market dominant smart watch it’s the place to be. And I think performance and wellness are the key to Tri success :slight_smile:

I’m liking the family connectivity and fitness+ idea as my kids are getting into fitness this could work well for them, and maybe myself as I’ve got more interested in strength.

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