Armrest extender (sideways)

Recently got some Pro Missile clip-ons but due to daft bars (Venge Vias stuff) they need to sit right next to the stem. The armrests are thus too close and I don’t have room.

Do any of you know where I could find something similar to this?

I’ve emailed Culprit but that was a one-off CNC machined example that never went in to production. :frowning:


I’ve been toying with something similar for my Use Tula’s but the armrests only mount with one bolt so the extra leverage would put a huge strain on it.
If I do end up doing it my plan is to bridge all the way across with a strip (or strips) of steel/ally to spread the load a bit better. Sprayed black I think it would be quite discreet but may interfer with hydration/computer mounts if you have anything like that in the area.

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Good bars - on my second set after some twat knocked me off…

Used a pair of those for several years too…scary descending :slight_smile:

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Clearly not cheap, but the official aerobars that I see Specialized triathletes using look pretty wide.

I guess the only think you might be able to do is use some kind of bridge to attach to the clamp, and then attach the arm rests onto that bridge. I’d imagine being so far from the clamp they’d be a bit “bouncy” tho

Yeah, I’m still not entirely sure how those brake levers got through the rules.

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Might be worth emailing Matt Bottrill to see if he has anything or knows of something out there?

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I’m looking to put Di2 shifters on so the official £300(!) clip-ons are no go (closed loop stuff). Along with a disc rear it’ll make my Venge a hilly TT option, or simply a good long distance tool (TriX, Wales etc).