As we don't have a For Sale forum anymore - selling my Lucero if anyone is interested

2005 Lucero medium size. Not been used for about 7 years while in the Middle East, Two bikes already here so Mrs O says it has to go …

Lucero Medium frame
Bontrager XXX Cockpit with extensions
Ultegra standard front chainset
105 rear derailleur
No pedals

No crashes and no scratches apart from one little mark on the outside of the handlebar wing where I lean it against a wall.

Available with or without the HED JET 6 which I can sell seperately on Ebnya once the frame has sold.

Probably a good starter tri-bike for someone, if anyone is interested ?

Going on sale on Ebay in early February for collection late February to coincide with travel arrangements. Collect or delivery Birmingham area.

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You forgot a price @GrahamO

The S-bend extensions bring back some memories.

I didn’t - decided to see what people are prepared to offer.

@Jorgan - good point - I forgot that half those photos have straight and half have the S-bends but its actually got straight extensions on it, courtesy of the city of Birmingham potholes which cracked the s-bends but I managed to stay on. The photos were taken at very different times and I hadnt noticed that bit.


Possibly - if it can wait until bonuses are announced/paid. But it really depends what the ballpark price is.