ASICS Metaspeed

Series have been released, for all you speedsters


Awesome colour range.

How you know which one you are?

I have zero idea if I’m a cadence of stride?

These could be the secret weapon for Cotswolds :joy:

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I think you buy a pair of each, then try one on your left foot and one on your right, and see which you prefer.


Sounds like a plan to me.
But surely you just end up running round in circles?
With the faster leg making the outside edge?

Similar to when you use different tyres on your bike, it can squash or stretch the frame.


To properly utilise these shoes you would need to wear the Edge on your short leg as its cadence will be relatively higher than your longer leg which you wear the Sky on. That has you running in a straight line. :rofl:

Seriously though I guess the idea is to make as many runners ‘responders’.


Mine are still in the box and made a saving as I used a Sportshoes discount for the order. I will do a compare and contrast later this week

After racing in re new Metaspeed sky last night the shoe is plusher and the sole is harder wearing. Running 3:16 kms was easy until we went off road :man_facepalming: but the shoe seems to hold up ok.


What’s the sizing like @leahnp?

I’m 8.5 in the Nike Next %2, 9 in the ASICS and 9.5 in Adidas

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I got an 11.5. I’d say they’re the same sizing as all of my Nikes.

Just done an easy 2km in them.
Initial thoughts are PLUSH!

But all new trainers are


I see you took them for a spin at parkrun, what are you initial impressions?

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They’re really bad at pacing.


Erm…not mad keen, TBF.

They are awful at getting nice even splits.
They tend to go off at 3:30/km, have the middle three T 4:00/km, then finish at 3:30/km :man_shrugging:t4::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All of my foot bones felt “crushed”
Interior of both Achilles are now tight.
They “feel” heavy.
Laces aren’t long enough for my wide feet and ankle lock lacing. Seems this is industry wide - laces are same length for size 7 - size 13 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They feel stable and planted.
But this is a trade off against acceleration - the dead turns felt an absolute effort to get back up to speed.

They also feel like anything other than tarmac and they’d be diabolical. On the muddy patches and wet puddles the grip was utterly abysmal, which sapped my confidence on the sharp right turn at the top of the course (it’s about 100°)

But…for road 10km - HM, I’d say they felt perfect.

After Cotswold, I’m gonna go back with my Streakfly’s.
As they feel super controlled. Just gotta remember to Vaseline my feet up beforehand.

See 2022 Goals thread


It’s my toes that need to be vassed up for a race. I turn my T2 socks inside out & give the toe box a good lathering before pulling them back through & setting them in my trainers for my dynamic T2*.

*I will actually be sat on the grass swearing at my feet/trainers for being stupid.


That’s a bit cr@p for the cost isnt it!! I was dithering but am reverting back to my £40 super Reeboks!

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I do the same for longer races. 9/10 I’m alright but every now and again it feels like my big toe nail is rubbing along the inside of the trainer and can get really sore. That and my little toe nail digs into the next toe, I rarely notice that until I finish and see the toe box has a load of blood on it.

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What about wet tarmac? I find it crazy how many shoes give a bit of slip on wet tarmac, you’d think grip would be something that’s been solved by now. Maybe it’s a marginal gainz thing - like slick tyres…

The Conti grips on Adidas shoes are brilliant even on a wet track, which would point me in the direction of the Adidas cheat shoes if I ever felt tempted :slight_smile:

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Surely if your toes are rubbing your shoes are too small?

You may be right or it’s possibly an ingrained habit from off-road & fellrunning when I want my shoes as tight as I can get away with.