ASICS Metaspeed

Series have been released, for all you speedsters


Awesome colour range.

How you know which one you are?

I have zero idea if Iā€™m a cadence of stride?

These could be the secret weapon for Cotswolds :joy:

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I think you buy a pair of each, then try one on your left foot and one on your right, and see which you prefer.


Sounds like a plan to me.
But surely you just end up running round in circles?
With the faster leg making the outside edge?

Similar to when you use different tyres on your bike, it can squash or stretch the frame.


To properly utilise these shoes you would need to wear the Edge on your short leg as its cadence will be relatively higher than your longer leg which you wear the Sky on. That has you running in a straight line. :rofl:

Seriously though I guess the idea is to make as many runners ā€˜respondersā€™.


Mine are still in the box and made a saving as I used a Sportshoes discount for the order. I will do a compare and contrast later this week

After racing in re new Metaspeed sky last night the shoe is plusher and the sole is harder wearing. Running 3:16 kms was easy until we went off road :man_facepalming: but the shoe seems to hold up ok.


Whatā€™s the sizing like @leahnp?

Iā€™m 8.5 in the Nike Next %2, 9 in the ASICS and 9.5 in Adidas

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