Asking for a friend - anyone used a swim skin a pool based event?

I have an oly pool based event at the weekend and my speed suit is optimised for the bike not sure about the swim. So I am looking for solutions to minimise the deficit I will have when getting out of the pool…

Yes, I always race pool Sprints in a swim skin, with tri-shorts underneath. Normally it’s early or late season, so I put an aero jersey over it for the bike/run. I could happily do this for an Oly, and lose the jersey after the bike if it’s warm.

The only thing is that swim skins tend to chafe under the arms when running longer distances, because of their ‘cut’.

I believe swim skins are allowed in shorter events (sprint/olympic) but you have to keep them on for the whole event, no dumping after the swim like a wetsuit. So as Jorgan says, you have to be prepared to bike and run in it, probably only a issue on a hot day.

I did the same as Jorgan for my only pool sprint last year

correct - swimskins must be kept on for the whole distance if worn in shorter events but OK for middle and long.


Now I see why so many people were in these “odd” looking trisuits at Clitheroe…and how the swim times are massively quick!

4.5s/100m saving with the Huub Albacore, which is huge over a sprint…only for you then to spunk in T1 faffing around with socks (you know who you are)

4.5s/100m?! with a swimskin; that’s extremely optimistic, especially for a proficient swimmer. I have seen the claims, but I reckon at most I gain about 8-10 sec over a pool 400m (flat-out). You only think it’s a massive advantage because you don’t have one. I spot a pattern :wink:

The Albacore is a wetsuit btw.

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I was looking at the website, as they’re in Derby and an old club mate works with them. So a good excuse for a visit

After one of each event (tri, half marathon, TT) I am now seeing what people are spaffing their credit on.

That’s why there are so many new cars on the road; people are daft. Just the mortgage here, everything else is bought & paid for!

When I Googled Huub Albacore, it came up with a wetsuit; but I see now there is a range under that name. You won’t see the big gains they claim, given your current ability. I’d save your money unless you plan on doing Kona or a Euro Ironman likely to be non-wetsuit.

I used mine in Frankfurt, and exited the swim just under 1:05 after a conservative swim. So 4-5 min off my normal wetsuit time of 60 back then.

Yeah - I’m not getting one.
I was more looking at the DS long course suit, as I feel a tit in my GB one, with my fat belly stretching my name across the front.

I do wonder about the £8k+ bikes, too.

How much???