Autumn Marathon Training Plan

Short = between 200 and 1,000 m long and from 95 to 100% of HRmax
Long = between 1,000 and 2,000 m long and from 92 to 95% of HRmax
Tempo = between 45 and 70 minutes in duration or running intervals from 1,000 to 5,000 m and from 82 to 92% of HRmax

There is certainly a physiological conditioning benefit to ‘slow’ running aka ‘time on your feet’. That’s why elite runners rack up so many training miles for marathons. You can certainly argue that’s useful for Ironman training, when you’re starting on tired legs. Cramping more likely comes from neuromuscular fatigue than electrolyte deficiencies i.e. under-trained legs!

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Isn’t he related to Baritone and/or Monotone?

No, you’re thinking of the Sopranos.

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In Iron War the explanations kind of go the other way. By running fast, regularly, a less capable runner will find a way to improve efficiency simply to keep up. That was my high level takeaway anyway.

Ultimately I do agree with @Poet. I used to really enjoy the competitiveness of track. It’s probably coincidence, but my one and only good marathon was off the back of the only structured session being weekly club track.

Iron War was a (thinly veiled) vehicle for Matt Fitzgerald to further his view of the world relating to training/coaching. I enjoyed it though, apart from the chapters where he pushes his agenda!

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Gah. Bollocks.
There goes my 1km repeats. :pensive:

No, ideal if you’re training for a 5 or 10k :wink:

Interesting. I’m not sure I can remember the last time I ran >95% HRmax, and long intervals at 90%+ are really stressful (maybe why they are less effective, too long to recover).
However I do lots of tempo intervals, in preference to tempo runs. My new favourite thing is to turn up to a parkrun early, run 3x1ml or something similar timed to finished at 8:55, and top it off with a 3ml tempo. It does all feel a bit comfortable. I think I need to throw some fast 400s in at some point just to remember what speed feels like.

Anyway, this is a marathon thread. I need to step away as it’s only been 7 years since my last one.

At Leeds the weekly staple is 10x1k at Oly race pace. (IIRC 200m easy recovery). Same day every week, it’s their key session . Will Clarke said he hated it he’d do 10x1 holding 3min k’s

Personally i think it comes down to the old adage that there are many, many ways to skin this cat! Look at Christof Shweining (look up his daughter George on Strava) and his methodology. Absolutely all of the training is very easy pace, some of it heated to (very much summarising now) make your body more effective and efficient at retaining fluids and salts but huge volume. I tried it, a friend has sworn by it for a few years and results did come out of it.

That said, i’ve also done a mara on less than 60km per week, but with more tempo and interval stuff. Horses for courses.

Maffetone? Didn’t they make cheap electronic stuff…? :slight_smile:

Haha Binatone; quality stuff.

I still haven’t read beyond the title…but that alone says an awful lot…

So back in to say that I’m going to try follow Poet’s build plan. Finished this week with 24 miles run (misjudged a route and ended up a mile short) including a reasonable parkrun and a tempo run and all on top of 100km bike commuting.

Hope the build works without injury. Will have to sacrifice some bike commuting for run commuting later in the plan to hit higher mileage targets.

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Not mine! Just cribbed from the Great World Wide Web.
I did my second 30 mile week just gone, which was far easier than the first one.
The middle 21 mile week was quite tricky.

On 15 miles this week, but with a focus on the TT bike position and riding in it.
Then up to 35 miles :slight_smile:

Just tweaked my plan to have a slightly more aggressive build over the next month. Legs are coping fine and I wanted to fit in some extra long runs into the plan. Got to this;

Week starting Weekly Target Long Run Distance
13/05/2019 40
20/05/2019 28
27/05/2019 40 15
03/06/2019 20
10/06/2019 48 16
17/06/2019 34 10k race
24/06/2019 56 25
01/07/2019 40 15
08/07/2019 56 28
15/07/2019 28 15
22/07/2019 64 28
29/07/2019 64 28
05/08/2019 32 15
12/08/2019 50 32
19/08/2019 64 26
26/08/2019 72 32
02/09/2019 50 20
09/09/2019 72 32
16/09/2019 50 26
23/09/2019 35 18
30/09/2019 Race week RACE

Sound about right?

edit: I really like this forum software columns feature - that was copied from excel and it worked perfectly!

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You are running 32 miles as a long run???

I guess that’s in KM :rofl::see_no_evil:

Still, I’d not be doing my long run as 50% of total weekly volume.
35% tops.
If you need to run longer, you need more filler runs.
A crabby 30 minutes at lunch.
I don’t think I’ll hit 20 miles until I get to a 55 mile week.

Kilometers dude, I’m not living in the past :joy:


I’m not going to get to 55 mpw and so this is where different philosophies clash. I want to do a good number of long runs but circumstances mean that I’m unlikely to go beyond 45mpw/72kmw.

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