Autumn Marathon Training Plan

Yeah, I hear ya!
That looks decent to me…

…I’m just trying something a lot different for me.
I’ve always fitted running in around Tri, now I’ve got a good reason to focus on running, with cycling for enjoyment and swimming as active recovery.
All whilst keeping an eye on “body feel”

Is there a reason as to why you are backing off every other week? Most plans would build for 3 weeks and then back off.

Nearer the end before your taper I would definitely try and get back to back bigger weeks in, or at least do 2 32k’ers in the last 2 weeks before the taper. Or a 30 and 32.

It’s about increasing mileage in a safe way.
Different in the way most plans add 10% each week, then drop by 50%.
This drops by 30% in week 2, then 50% in week 4.
Weeks 1 and 3 are the same.
Within week 2, you can do some more speed work, if you feel okay, or use it as a pseudo recovery week to get ready to hit that big mileage again.

It’s a conservative way of trying to avoid those injuries runners pick up when training for a marathon, on what is usually an aggressive schedule.

This is supposed to be my big block. Could shuffle something around but I think it delivers enough TSS. May revisit it closer to the time when I see how I’m coping at the bigger volume. It’s all a bit unknown right now as I’ve not gone past 30mpw successfully before. Ran a 1.32 half off the back of HIM training without this much running. I’m also hopefully only going for a relatively conservative time.

Week Weekly total Long Run
19/08/2019 64 26
26/08/2019 72 32
02/09/2019 50 20
09/09/2019 72 32

If you had the time & resilience though, for a standalone marathon, it would make sense to train over-distance if you truly wanted to avoid fade in the latter stages. So a 30 mile run wouldn’t be nuts.

I’m targeting a marathon on October 20. I just started this week on week 1 of an 18 week Halhigdon ‘Advanced 2’ plan. I use the term plan very loosely, it’s just a guide and helps give me some ideas. The runs in the week tend to be a bit shorter than I’d normally do… but then his key sessions are a marathon paced run every Saturday followed by a longer easier run on a Sunday so I get you need to be pretty fresh for that. My plan will look more like one interval / hill rep session and 2 x 5-6 mile commutes a week and then try and follow his weekend structure. I’ll probably top out at 80km a week. Any more and I’m just too tired (kids, work etc doesn’t allow for much/any sofa time) .
Ran a 1h24 half last week and have one booked in for early sep. Asuming I can go sub 1h22 in that, I’ll be aiming for a 2h56 marathon.
Doubt I’ll run longer than a 21 miler in training…

Well my autumn marathon plans have taken a significant knock, or rather a pulled tendon in my left calf.

The physio has advised I can still swim and lift weights for the next 3 - 4 weeks, but running is a no-go. Had a decent(ish) level of fitness before the injury, just hoping it’s there when I return or a deferral to the half marathon will be in order.

Get on your bike, if possible. It’s not perfect, but it’ll keep your aerobic fitness up at least, and does transfer somewhat. I filled in the last 2 weeks of a mara plan with turbo riding. OK the injury hadn’t cleared up in time for the race, so that still bombed. But my fitness certainly held.

You’re a way off yet, so just use it as a way to get a nice solid aerobic base in, then hit your specific mara program. I should think you’d be fine (unless coming from no running base whatsoever, in which case it’ll be a bit more tricky).

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I was also knocked off plan last week with a nasty virus and high temperature. Only just getting back on track today and will be lucky to hit 25mpw by Sunday. Hoping next week is more productive.

Well I’ve hit all of my runs, mileage targets and feel in tip-top run shape. No injuries or niggles at all :relieved:

BUT my bike fitness has plummeted. Massively. I reckon my FTP has dropped about 10% since 10th June. Or that’s what it felt like this week when I’ve done a few power sessions on the bike and measured that against HR and RPE.

My swimming is still improving, mind :wink:


Ive had 4 good weeks building from 44k to 63k…4,4,5,5 runs a week. Long runs 18,20, 25 and 28km. Sadly I’ve been drinking beer and eating too much so am still a wobbly 68.5 kg.
Had an easier week this week so far as I’ve had a pain on the right side of my chest. Ive either pulled a muscle … sneezing ffs… or the GP says it may be pleurisy. She’s given me the ok to run though but just to come back if it doesn’t get better. Assuming I can run comfortably I’m hoping to get 30+ miles in this weekend.
13 weeks on Sunday…

and that’s why it’s hard to be a good runner as a triathlete and a good triathlete if you don’t balance training properly.


So back to the present and less than 3 weeks to go. I have tried my best but for anyone who read the other Lifestatus thread will know a job change has made regular running difficult.

Training log shows the following - I’ve given weekly distances and then the long run distance where I’ve done one.

15/7 - 24.6k
22/7 - 44k - 28k
29/7 - 39k - 21k
5/8 - 18k
12/8 - 18k
19/8 - 58k - 26k
26/08 - 46k - 31k
2/9 - 37km
9/9 - 49km - 30km

Clearly hugely down on what I wanted to do and so will be revising targets down. Disappointed that the timing hasn’t worked out better. I should have a good shout at going under 3.45 but 3.30 will be a bit of a stretch. Would love another 3 week block to get those long runs in consistently. I’m considering adding in another long run (28k+) this weekend instead of starting to taper (21k) (taper from what you might ask…)

I would do another long one, as you say taper from what?

Many many people do 100k the before week of the marathon (my 2 fastest maras I did this). I am not for one moment suggesting that you should ramp up to that but just giving you an example that you should be ok to go deeper into the taper.

From 49k a week, if you find you are recovering ok from that, personally I would hold that level until the one week out. Or at least try and start the taper on 10 days out.

Yep i’d concur with YKK there.

If you were a total beginner, maybe you’d need a little extra caution. bBut you have a strong endurance base, so your bidy should absorb that training load pretty easily.

Fingers crossed for you!

Yeh I think I agree. If I do an easy 40 mins today, 1h Friday and then maybe 25-28k on Saturday I am more than capable of recovering from that.

It then gives me 2 week. Maintain at 40-50k for the first week with 18-20k at the weekend. Then reduce volume to 3 easy ish 30 min runs (and then the mara) for the final week.

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Maybe try running a bit further this weekend but at a super easy pace? ie run for almost your full race time 1min+/mile slower… get yourself set up for eating all those gels and being on your feet for so long ? If you do it slowly enough it shouldnt affect you too much ?

I’ve briefed the Mrs that I’m doing another long run on Saturday. 3h45 all run at 5.50m/km should be doable but looking likely to be hot mid afternoon when I’ll be heading out.

Yeah I have the same issue… best window for my run is Saturday afternoon. I’ve definitely preferred training through summer with the early runs in the summer light but the downside clearly is getting caught having to run in hotter weather. I guess that’s the flip side to having a lower chance of a hot October race compared to April but I suppose you never know.
VLM 2018 totally caught me out with 25 degree heat after the harshest winter in living memory!!!

You and nearly everyone who ran that year. Wasn’t it down in single figures the week before and just got super hot!