Banana triathlon at Dorney Lake

A passing of the endurance baton in the household as my 5 year old seems keen to compete in the Scooterthon on 3 July. Anyone have any experience of this event, I have done previous Human Race events at the Rowing venue?

Unable to run any great amount presently so thinking I will offer my dubious swimming services to a relay team.

Dorney is a fantastic venue for short course tri.

Easy to navigate the lake.

Traffic free service road around the perimeter - road surface is a bit iffy in places but no real potholes

Run around the lake

All traffic free and spectator friendly

If you’ve done them before, you may be aware of this, but at one I did (in around 2012 I think) someone (maybe here?) mentioned you can see the cables that hold the buoys in place at the bottom of the lake so on the outward leg there’s no need to sight, just watch one of them like a lane line and keep an eye out for the turn buoy.

Not done the swim as my tri was changed to a duathlon on the morning due to algae. I think they have spent a bunch of cash to stop that happening again. I have heard about the cables as well as something to follow.

As Adam says its flat traffic free, great for spectators. Flat easy run. Does get a bit windy there though

Yep cables run down the same line of the bouys.

There also some large fish to see. No idea what breed they are but surprised me yesterday

Dorney. Scene of my 11 minute triathlon.

That really dry winter/spring a few years back, drove down to Dorney listening to news of Forest fires at Bracknell, you could even see distant smoke…

Meanwhile it was peeing down at Dorney, first rain for weeks must have washed a load of flints out. 8 minute swim, 1 minute T1, 2 mins into my ride up the side of the lake…psssst. Flat, no spares, game over.

Least it wasn’t far to trudge back to transition, get my stuff and go home​:joy::joy::joy:


I’ve won a race and set my HM PB there
:+1: :+1:

But in answer to your question, I’ve seen the Scootathon and it all looked good to me

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Scene of my only top 10 finish!

Summer of 2013, I was made redundant in April, and didn’t do a great job of looking for jobs, but did do a great job of exercising a lot! Got on some really good feet in the swim and was messing up T1 when a friend who is a MUCH better athlete than me and was racked next to me turned up and said ‘what the hell are you doing here already!?

Solid ride trying to chase him down (he passed me in T1)

Ran horribly. 8th out of the water, 5th on the bike, 16th on the run. Transitions were a shocker.

Moral of the story? If I want to swim well it requires about 10km a week. If I want to run well I have to ease off on the bike, and, most importantly, if I want to get a top 10 finish in a tri then be unemployed and do one that’s on a Friday because most of the field is there on a company jolly so not that fast!

Shortly after this I got a new job, stopped training, gained about 25kg’s and haven’t looked back :cry:


Did the bananaman in 2008, 3/4 oly distance, so 800m swim iirc, 30km bike 7.5k run. Was fun, typical Human Race event. Had an “Australian” exit on the swim and comedy dive back into lake. The scootathons are good, my nephew did one years back also.


I did a relay once that was run, bike swim which I thought was banana man…crumbs might have been …too long ago