Bar bag for aero stems?

I have a Venge which has a very aero profile stem - almost 2 inches front to back and the bar bags I have tried will not fit as the Velcro strip fastenings are simply not long enough to reach around the aero stem and overleap - or even meet.

Anyone else got a bar bar which has very long velcro strip fastenings ?

You’re talking about the horizontal strap on a bento bag? How about buying some velcro strips from a haberdashery and extending them?

Do Venge’s not have the bolts behind the stem, on the top tub for aero bento boxes.

No, they don’t. Its all flush and thin carbo behind the stem.

I could take up sewing but I’d rather get something that fits properly.

I just use a profile design one on my TT that only has top tube straps. I have no visible stem at all. It’s generally fine but has slipped once or twice, so now I just stick a piece of electrical tape folded back on itself on the top tube before installing, and that extra friction means it doesn’t budge. Electrical tape leaves no residue on the frame.

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Not the first, I have zapped a few that got caught in the software net before they appeared on the Forum. They need approval in certain cases, like very rapid typing etc.

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