Bar tape

Bar tape. Talk to me.

Is this one of those everyone will have a favourite type scenarios? Or are there widely acclaimed versions/features to look for?

Has to come in bright pink. Non negotiable.

I need new stuff for both roadie and tt. Not sure if that makes a difference?

ETA - I’m a sweaty badger if that impacts choice at all? And roads are generally shit around here.

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I like Supacaz & they do some groovy “fade” bar tapes.

You can get designs with more pink.

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Cinelli Cork bar tape - classic. And stick with black otherwise it will look filthy after a few rides (especially for a :sweat_drops: :badger: )


Hmm, yeah fair point.

I was only. Going to go with colour for the tt bike. It won’t be used much after Wales I doubt - it’ll just be on the turbo with a towel over it! I wanted something that would be more recognisable for my family. And the bike looks like shit anyway, so what’s one more garish accessory! :joy:

The roadie I’ll stick with black as that actually looks nice.

Cinelli cork

Think I’m using the macro splash at the moment

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Supacaz. End of discussion :white_check_mark:


Silca, they make the best of everything - money no object.
Their bar tape is the same foam as Nike 4% trainers, invented by Nasa apparently. No personal experience yet but will be my next bar tape.

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Everyone’s got their own favourite :man_shrugging:t2::nerd_face:

I’ve always used Fizik tape

Quite like the look of Supacaz though

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Yeah, it depends. I generally go gloveless in tris, so quite like the grip of lizardskin on bare, sweaty hands. On the TT I only really focus on bar tape on the basebar. The tape up by the extension shifters is atrocious!


Interesting. I got some really spongey mtb bar tape for the kickr bike, as my hands were getting so sore. It’s still not perfect, but I haven’t actually ridden at all in over a couple of months. When I get back to it (hopefully), I’ll see how it goes and then maybe try some of this stuff


This seems unlikely, no?

Unless Nike have like an “off cuts” tub of foam they have nothing else they can do with it. And pretty sure it was invented (and patented) by Nike.

I thought pebax foam had been around for years, and used by many but discounted due to being “too spongey”. It was the combination of the foam and carbon plate that Nike came up with.

ETA - it’s been around 40+ years


It was discussed in one of the Silca marginal gains podcasts & not really possible for me to go back & find it. Maybe I remember it wrong but that was the jist

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I take it back.

Supacaz sticky kush is not so sticky, or kushty, in the pouring abominable reign of August rain :sob:

(RE: No gloves. Only in the cold.)

I’m partial to Arundel’s Gecko bar tape…

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