BBS Garmin Power Course

Anyone use the power course files from Best Bike Split? Just wondering if they are going to irritate the fuck out of me constantly beeping and tell me to hit another power?

I have all the beeps off on my Garmin anyway, so no issue there!

That said, I’ve shared some screenshot before. Most of the segments in a power course file a multiple km long, unless it’s really up/down terrain. So even with beeps on, as with direction notifications, they shouldn’t be that frequent. With the BBS connect iq data field, I just occasionally glance down to see if I’m in and around the stated target power at that point in time.

If you’ve a low VI, then the beeps aren’t frequent at all.
If your power is up and down like a yo-yo, then it’s pretty much constant.
I’m okay with it, as I ride flat courses, so just crank out a decent (low) VI.

Why would your power output impact it? These aren’t alerts like setting a general power or heart rate alert for when you exceed a set number. It literally just pops up with an advanced warning of the recommended power for the upcoming segment in place of how you’d normally get an upcoming turn notification.

And then if you have the BBS connect iq data field then you get that same value on screen for the duration of that segment

they have a set power range.
If you drop below, or rise above, it - the Garmin beeps.

Or, I may have downloaded the power workout

Yep, that’s not how a power course works. The workout will be based on fixed intervals I imagine, altho never used one. A power course just gives you heads up notifications of your new target as you approach a relevant GPS point.

BBS have a number of videos showing which file you’re recommended to use, and how to set up your Garmin, for race day.

Yeah - they split the course into distance based intervals.
Each distance is given a power range, then the damn beeps start!

I’ve a 500, so don’t think the Power Course would work?

I have found the workouts to be quite good. But never tried it over anything longer than 25 miles.

Should do. I think the 500 still had the ability to do pop up turn notifications with an arrow (just obviously not a map). That’s all BBS is leveraging functionality wise.

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Cool thanks all. Sounds like it will be fine. My power output is sporadic. I think its because I am a large and powerful rider :slight_smile: I use 10s average instead of 3s as that is just over the place.

Was worried it would be constantly telling me I am in the wrong power, but if its just a heads up then sounds perfect

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I can’t get it to work beyond a couple of segments, but probably my error somewhere.

I had it bleeping about a “virtual partner” during IMCH which was irritating.

What bike computer do you have? Are you following the BBS recommended settings exactly?

eg for Garmins…