Berlin Marathon

Any previous runners on here. I’m doing in in September and figured I’d better check out what’s available on the course. When I’ve done London in the past I’ve generally carried 3 gels and then grabbed some sports drink on the way round and a couple of the lucozade gels for my energy needs.

Tried to look at what is on the course but at the moment its looking like those zany germans are at it again lol. I saw only one place listing a gel pick up and other had pictures of fruit so not sure if it means literal bananas on course. Also, didn’t really see much mention of sports drink, just something called ‘better’ which wasn’t clear if it was a sports energy drink or a witches brew?

Any past runners have on course experience?

I will be joining you on the start line so following with interest

Did Berlin a few years ago, carried my own gels so cannot help on that front. There were water and sports drink stations, from memory every 2.5 miles for water and sports drink at every 3rd.

Only used water and my own gels.

Seem to recall the aid stations were much shorter than other similar sized marathons and hence a bit of a bunfight. The killer though the year I ran it, water was provided in small plastic cups so for 400m after each station the road was littered with plastic cup and slippery as you like.

Thanks Mossimus. I think the sports drink provider this year is ‘Beetster’ Im guessing they will provide plastic cups at each stop with either Beetster or water in a cup so guessing maybe 150 ml in a cup? Do you think that sounds about right?

Just trying to plan some race day nutrition. Ideally I’d go for a gel every 20 minutes so 7x gels but thinking might become a bit impractical to carry that many. Think I can fit 3 in my race shorts pocket then wondering whether to carry one in each hand and then grab two at the gel station or swap some out for beetster drink. I don’t really like wearing anything extra like a gel belt. Did think about getting a small arm ‘bandage’ and sliding some gels in there