Best Pro Triathlon Race of 2021?

Listening to a podcast, wondered what you lot think?

Lots of great performances imo, not sure which race I enjoyed most. WTS Leeds had me shouting at the telly.

Olympics- male, female and the mixed relay. Followed by Superleague

That’s three races, plus a whole series :wink:

I am thinking the mixed relay maybe had me more on the edge of my seat throughout, but there’s been some great events no?

I was gripped by all 3 races at the Olympics so any of them would count. Agreed SL is a series but the SL final with Yee was pure entertainment.

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Olympics mixed relay… when Yee got caught and was sat in and we’re all hoping he’ll blow them all away in the final run… and he did. Awesome.


I only watched the Olympics but enjoyed all of those. Mostly because of the commentary and banter on here.

So them.


It was maybe Hamburg SL with a three way sprint finish in the mens race. Absolutely class.

Mine would be Superleague London but only because I was watching it live and seeing them in person you can really get a sense of how fast they’re going.

  1. Olympics mixed relay.

  2. LCB going gun to tape in the 70.3 worlds.

  3. Lionel exploding in IMCDA.