Best Triathlon Business/Service you use

Hey Everyone,

Doing a bit or research, I’m based in the Middle East and you may have seen from my training thread I got the Tri bug end of last year and absolutely love it and have thrown myself in fully and met some great people along the way.

With my journey so far, myself and my friend have wanted to set up a Tri related business to add some value to the community in the Middle East.

To do this we wanted to see what the service/business in your region is that you value the most and has been a game changer or biggest value add for your hobby?

Many Thanks

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Write a list of Tri-related services/ businesses globally, group them by type and see what’s missing in your area.

I have never been to the Middle East outside of transiting through the airports but I would guess:

  • The weather during the N Hemisphere winter could make for good training camps. You will be competing with med islands, though.

the area is fairly wealthy so anything that reduces general ballache is something people will pay for:

  • I.e a bike shipment service to races (mechanics to disassemble/reassemble at location).
  • training apps/plans in one place
  • personalized ‘everything outside of training plans’ I.e 1-2-1 nutrition assessments, followed by nutrition plans maintained by someone somewhere else
  • subscription models for nutrition
  • subscription model for meals delivered against nutrition plans (base, build, peak, taper phases, broken out by macros and total calories using myfitnesspal/garmin)
  • gait analysis - pointless for most people in my opinion but people pay for it
  • mobile mechanics

Just a few ideas!

Just a few thoughts!

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Thank you for this, all great ideas and will definitely look deeper into a few of those.

We have actually been looking into the bike shipping service and are just looking at the insurances etc… The biggest hurdle is how we would actually have a mechanic at the other end as it would be too expensive to fly one from here each time. Could look to work with a local bike shop but you never know the quality/reliability.

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Anyone can run a bit, anyone can bike a bit. Very few can swim enough to complete a race. Swim coaching and training sessions for all ages are what turn ordinary people into triathletes. Mainly regular pool-based group sessions, with a side of one-2-1 coaching, stroke analysis, open water sessions to enable further development. Getting juniors involved at the same time as adults will help grow the business.
Races - no-one can be a triathlete unless there are races for them to do. Beginner race series, duathlons, aquathlons etc. so people get regular chance to compete, develop, and share a common interest.