Beta Fuel

Apologies for another nutrition thread but I wanted to hear from those have used Beta Fuel specifically. My sachets turned up Saturday, I will try it this week/end.

The reason I’m trying it is that my stomach goes through several stages of liking stuff/not liking stuff/shutting down during ultras. I wanted something sip that I know has some calories in. (had mixed results lately with Tailwind).

I can carry two bottles in my vest. Is there any hydration properties with Beta Fuel? I don’t think it has electrolytes? but was wondering if I need to keep one bottle for water/electrolyte tab only?

Obviously I can carry extra sachets and mix at stations if needs be.

I used it yesterday but its what I drink prior to the start of a race rather than during so not sure I can help with your question.

I would say that it’s very sweet, so it’s OK as long as you don’t mind that.

Thanks. Not a huge fan of the sweet tasting stuff, I was almost tempted to get the Strawberry and Lime but went with Orange. (lemon/lime not available in the 6 sachet when I looked.)

I did read it can be hard to mix?

Yes it can. I give it a really good shake :laughing:

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My plan is to re-fill at aid stations, then do my usual ultra 3 x tumbles and use that to shake it up. :laughing:

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RE: Electrolytes

Not sure if adding those hampers the digestion of the mix.

I know with Maurten they state that it does.
Calcium, specifically.

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Sorry, I meant adding a tab to a separate bottle of water.

Yeah i don’t think it has electorlytes in it.

When i used Maurten i had that in one bottle on my pack then water/electrolytes in the other.

Beware that the powders are VERY sticky when they get even the slightest bit damp, which is highly likely at an aid station, in the night when your’e tired and clumsy and sweaty or it’s raining! I had a lot of fun trying to make my Maurten’s up each time. The Maurten needs a LOT of mixing.

As for the Beta, I tried it a week or so ago, but i made it the night before. What i will say is that there’ a lot of powder in the sachet, which can be quite tricky to decant into a narrow topped bottle (like my Osprey ones). So maybe think about some sort of collapsible funnel, or a piece of plastic or something to help with this.

This surprised me, as the packets didn’t look big to me. So I just went downstairs to check and…

I’ve bought six fucking gels by mistake! Jesus I’m an idiot sometimes :disappointed: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sorry (not sorry) but that is funny.

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So, Beta Fuel gels, any good? :laughing:


No idea, never ordered them before!

Compared to Maurten?

Compared to normal powders?

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No idea - but let me know as I’m interested!

I used the sachets for all my rides this year - found it brilliant. Ive regularly rejected stuff on the bike - but no stomach issues at all (well apart from the race when I was drinking air - but nothing to do with the fuel).
I found it tasted a bit “meh” so always added some extra flavour (cordial) to it.

Also found it didnt mix well… and the powder DOES go off. Had 1 sachet that had been torn in transit - used it and it was vile.

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I bought a full box of Beta Fuel sachets.
I don’t have much of a reference but I enjoyed the non sweet taste of the lime lemon flavour.
I consumed 3 during Steelman and along with a packet of Blox I didn’t have any energy issues…
Only issue is, it takes ages to mix. I learnt this during training so for race day I mixed them the night before…


I have one bottle on the bike and I know that it is an easy 80g of carbs. I also use the Beta to wash down the 2 Torq gels I take on the bike so there is no need to take anything on the run. In theory I would have taken 132g of carbs with no gut issues.

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