Bike advice - Canyon Ultimate / Rose X-LITE / Specialized Tarmac SL6

It’s time to upgrade my bike :money_with_wings:

I have a 2018 Cube CX I got through insurance after an accident. I’m looking to sell this and buy something a bit faster for club rides, draft legal tris, local road races, long solo rides.

Ideally looking to spend < £3500, disc brakes, <7.5kg frame. I’ve narrowed it down to:

  • Canyon Ultimate CF SL Disc 8.0 (7.6kg) - £2349 (£3000 with Di2)
  • Rose X-LITE SIX DISC Ultegra (6.9kg) - £3450
  • Specialized Tarmac SL6 Expert Ultegra (7.5kg) - (RRP is £4200 but found one for £3500)

Any thoughts on the above bikes? Any other models you would consider? Seems Canyon do cycle to work scheme so might be tempted to go through that and up the spec.

I’ve been scanning 2nd hand bikes but are not disc brake. I’ve found a 2015 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9-0 LTD, what do you think a fair price would be for that?

Other than facebook, ebay, gumtree is there anywhere else to look?

The most important thing to look at first off is fit. Get a pre purchase fit done and then narrow your search with the appropriate dimensions.

My bike fit guy said to me if I was looking for a new road bike I should go for Canyon, they are very good bikes.

Note on the cycle to work scheme you can usually only go up to £1k. It is possible to go higher under the scheme but for that to happen your employer would require a consumer credit licence, so unless you work for a bank that’s not going to happen. You can now also buy components instead of a bike on the scheme so for example you could get a d12 upgrade pack on cycle to work and save some money

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Thanks. I’ve had a bike fit in the past but it was on a based on a CAAD8 rather than in general. No way to have a fit on Canyon/Rose prior to purchase but I’m sure I can configure sufficiently. Cycle to work scheme is now any price

I was thinking of a pre bike fit on a rig where you get the ideal reach / stack measurements and then find the closet bike to fit. Probably less important on a road bike. I had one for my TT and it was great, because I am an odd shape I needed one with massive stack and smaller reach. Only really 3 bikes were close enough. Some were miles off.

I heard a rumour about C2W going over the £1K. My company actually runs one of the schemes but they are saying its still £1K. Guess some companies dont want to be shelling out thousands to loads of people.

As mentioned, if you get something like a Retul done, it can help to match your body shape to a bike before you pay out thousands to then have to spend hours/more money trying to a get a bike to fit you.

Resurrecting this thread as I saw a spesh s works tarmac sl6 and I actually went oooh. Does any one have one? I’m tempted to hunt one out as I fancy rims brakes still.

I have a Pro (not S-Works) SL6 with Force AXS. Had it for 12 months. Bought 2 bikes since but ride the tarmac 90% of the time. I love it. Absolutely adore it. Rides like a dream!!!

I don’t have one personally. Plenty of people I ride with have them and rate them

That’s what I’m hearing. My boardman air 9.8 is as stiff as anything So looking for a bit more compliance and comfort