Bike box

My bike box has been hiding in the garage for a long time without use and without prospect of future use as I haven’t done an overseas tri for about 10 years

It’s a bike box Alan variety in very good nick

Any sensible offers before I stick it on other social media ?

Must collect from Manchester as it is bulky - piccies available if you are interested

Where abouts in Manchester and do you have a target price in mind?

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£10 if you can deliver, you won’t get a better offer pal. :wink: :roll_eyes:


Just off junction 13 on the M60

On price - no idea - they cost about £400 new. £100?

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round here there’s a thing called “Dorset reverse bargaining” - used especially for cows- where the buyer next says something like “no, I couldn’t live with myself if I gave you less than £300 for it”, and you up your price a little, and they come down a little more, until one of you cracks somewhere in the middle and a deal is struck :grinning:


That’s a very good deal. Someone should grab that off you in no time.

I love my BBA, but storage of them is a bit annoying as they’re just so god damn big and sturdy! So I can definitely see why they’re just not worth hanging onto if you don’t plan to use it

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Sorry, this thread slipped by and I didn’t reply.

Im not back up for about 6 weeks so happy to pay a deposit for it now and the rest when I collect though as my family is Rossendale I wouldn’t want to ask them to collect it for me.

No worries - we can sort it out when you are back - just give me a shout on here and we can arrange. Happy to hold onto it for you for the next 6-8 weeks

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Talking of bike boxes, I’ve got a Scicon bike box to give away (or for beer tokens at your discretion). Trouble is I can’t post it as it’s oversize for couriers otherwise I’d have eBay’d it. Good condition, few scratches but no dents, cracks and wheels still work. We’ll have to meet up to exchange it so somewhere around SE London (BR4 postcode), north Kent type area. From 2004 era, comes with Planet X stem, padding and fork/chainstay brace (which might fit your bike and also might not, I can’t remember ever using them and surprised to see them in the box when I opened it) to help with bike packing.

The chances of my flying again soon are very low because of the dogs. The chances of me flying soon with a bike must be in negative numbers so it’s just in the way and I’d rather it went somewhere useful. I’ve give it a few weeks here then offer it to the local bike club (so until 21st July or thereabouts if I remember).


First it was the threat of sharks and swimming, now it’s dogs and flying - what’s the world coming to?


“Baby forces sale”

It’s a baby, just say NO and get on with it. :smile:

However the dogs would suffocate me in the night. It’s that serious.


Just a few weeks back there was that toddler who shot TWO people, and there’s been quite a few where they’ve killed - don’t risk it…

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I know someone local who will be interested as he’s looking to borrow mine, which just got cracked.

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Does anyone have a comment on the trust in the Scicon bike bags? They seem very popular, but as a soft bag I’m wondering how people feel (not that I’ve ever had a problem previously with a soft case from Wiggle)

Looking at the bike box Alan since it seems the internet raves about them for ease of putting a TT in, and safety. But space and the near £1000 price tag (in Aus) isn’t sitting that well

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I think the general consensus is the scicon ones are great…until they aren’t. But even BBA can sometimes suffer failures / breakages.

Ultimately, I went BBA as it just makes me feel more confident flying with the bike. The soft shell ones would cause me added anxiety most of the flight I think!


I borrowed a Topeak Pakgo X from a mate - it’s a bloody brilliant box as it has a work stand internally but jesus christ it’s expensive

If I was getting my own I’d go BBA, maybe splash out for the TT version

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So far I only know of the Scicon and BBA ones that can easily accommodate a TT without removing basebars, which is likely going to be a pita on the newer canyons.

The Scicon is available now on sale for £280. The BBA is £950, and not available until Jan when I need my bike to leave Aus Jan 14th (plus assuming I can borrow someone else’s for Busselton in December)

Did you manage to move the box on? I’d find one useful & I’m in BR4 too

Yeah, it’s gone I’m afraid

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no worries