Bike Cleaning

When I get a new chain, clean with paint brush cleaner. Put it in ultrasonic jewlery cleaner (cost £10 at charity shop), also cheap on Amazon. Put in melted wax for 20 mins, give it a good swoosh around till no more bubbles.

For reapplication, just put in wax, no need to clean

Re-use of quick link. I carry a spare on rides. I reuse the shimano quick link for the life of the chain. Fit a new one for races… only failure I have had was a new quick link on first ride


No worries! There was me looking for a quick, simple solution :upside_down_face:


Same I had a failure on a new link I’ve used.

Put it down to me not installing correctly but who knows.

Cool thanks for that. Out of interest do you clean anything else in the ultrasonic cleaner?

Weirdl i just found myself on the same videos after reading this thread.

GCN did another similar video shortly after advertising Muc Off stuff the whole way through. The comments were full of people pulling him up on the fact he did an identical piece a while before with WD40!


WD40 is a water displacement spray, its too light to be an effective lube. Although its probably better than nothing.

I am terrible for cleaning my road bike. I use it all the time winter commuting and its impossible to keep it clean so I only clean it occasionally.

Sorry @Matthew_Spooner what site did you order your wax from? Coming up blank at the minute. Can only find from their US site. Got my self a slow cooker coming though :rofl:

That is NOT TRUE! You can easily sacrifice family time to ensure your bikes are sparkling. Otherwise you may be losing a few precious percentages of efficiency.

Talk like that could get you thrown off the boards!!!

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Purchased. Thank you very much

You will want to use some kind of decreaser first as alcohol just wont break down the old lubricant (diesel works nicely :wink:).

MSW is top choice but expensive, regular paraffin wax is 98% as good like this:
I use MSW for racing & paraffin wax any other time.

A good vid from Josh as Silca for chain cleaning here:


That five minute video is everything I do.

I also jet wash my bikes.
Not at home either.

At the £1/£2 garage on the way home, before wiping them down properly.

The time saving versus the new headset each year (£20) and bottom bracket every other year (£30) is more than worth it to me.

For my summer bike, it’s every two/four years.
But that also gets stripped a rebuilt every September and wintered until Feb/March.

Or ride time.
I hate bikes that makes noises when they should not.

I dislike riding with people who don’t take care of their bikes.

When I started up again, I had a bike I built from a £40 eBay frame and forks and some bits I had in my box that made less noise than some folks >£2k “winter” bikes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::man_shrugging:t4:

Great video.

The Zipps and Speedplays are a give away but I was honestly expecting that video to be much older than it is!

I’ve got one of those pump up garden watering can things. Give the bike a good spray with that, then spray on some muc off (or similar cleaner). Same muc off in a chain cleaner. Spray again with the watering can, especially the drive train. Let it dry for a bit then wipe down the drive train with a rag. Lube the chain and a little spray lube on the mechs.


I clean cassette in Ultrasonic cleaner, it does a great job. I’ve also put the jockey wheels from rear mech into it.

I just use washing up liquid and warm water in the cleaner, seems to do the job well. On a new chain, even degreased, i run it through 3 cycles of 6 mins, then rinse off

Same, I have an early 90’s Specialised Stunt Jumper as a general getting about bike, bought for 30CHF (£25) at bike jumble a couple of years ago; runs silently, shifts crisply, stops without squeeling

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That all comes down to how you value and prioritise your time though.

I’m the same with people. :wink:


You guys are going to be really disappointed with this world! :rofl:

I use Squirt wax lube on my best bikes; Muc Off wet lube on my commuter. Wax lube lasts about 200km allegedly (in the dry); but I probably do more than that on my static trainer bike. A good chain line will improve chain wear. I use GT85 for cleaning around other metal moving parts, like derailleurs and STI levers.

Seriously CBA with melting wax in a cooker!

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