“Bike Computer” phone app?

My brother in law has asked me if there’s a good phone app he can use as a bike computer. I can’t say I’m aware of anyone I know using a phone app, they all use more specific devices.

I have offered him my old (relatively used) Garmin 820 for a very reasonable amount, but I guess he’s a more casual cyclist. He’s training for a sprint tri.

I guess my arguments for him to go for the Garmin over the phone would be having to get a device to hold the phone, which might change when upgrading the phone. Will the device securely hold the phone?

Anyone aware of a decent app that’d do for the more casual user?

I’d say there’s arguments about battery life, but not sure that perhaps applies for the length of rides he’d go on, and similar with regards to connecting other devices (speed/cadence/power/hrm/etc).

Use the Strava phone app?


Just had a look at that, and yeah I guess that’s all he’d need!

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I used to use MayMyRide / Run / Etc which I think is now the UnderArmor app.

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I’ve used Cyclemeter which is good. Albeit it once as I’ve only ridden outside once