Bike Maintenance for Beginners

The bolt head itself seems to have holes in the side? Can you not just poke a thin screwdriver, or something like that, in there and rotate from the side?

It is a weird setup for a saddle clamp though.

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I use screw driver or a 3 mm hex key to turn it

Bike back from LBS after full strip down service. Couldn’t see anything visually that was causing the crank arm to loosen, threads and conditions of the bottom bracket were fine. It’s been torqued up properly, so probably will turn out to have been me just not having it tight enough. But he reckons he’s got various options that would fit instead of the FSA as a replacement if it does come loose again. He said it’s possible there’s an issue he couldn’t see (something about tolerances I didn’t understand) so to take it out a couple of shorter rides and see if it’s holding in place or not.

Thanks for all the advice folks. Much appreciated.

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How weird is this? Went to ride MTB home for lunch and my chain making a bad noise, it appears to have twisted 180 degrees. Never seen this before. Luckily have an infinite supply of latex gloves.



That’s really bizarre, makes me wonder if someone has twisted like that as a bit of a practical joke. I’m not even sure it should be possible, is the chain quite old and the joints pretty loose?

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It’s an old chain. Last night when I leant against a wall it fell over heavily, I wonder if it somehow bounced and twisted??? I rode to work this morning half asleep and the indexing was all weird and wrong but I didn’t think much of it, just made a plan to have a look later. So I guess I probably rode to work with the chain twisted like that too. Good news is it flipped back and now the indexing is fine easily although it seriously needs a clean. :man_shrugging:


I had the same thing a few months back :person_shrugging:

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How steep is your commute to work to require that gear selection :laughing: ?

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Haha it is 4% but we are talking red eye

I think it’s only in that gear because of the bad noise it was making on the middle chain ring & would not shift onto big chainring at all - honest! :grinning:

Trp integrated brakes. Taken me flipping ages to get one caliper off and fix it. The spring adjuster had broken and getting it back on was very very difficult and frustrating.

Got it back on and still can’t get the brake setup properly. I now think it’s the front wheel which isn’t true. Not a job for me.

Rear brake calliper on the commuter is partially seized. Thought I’d give this a shot…

Not sure how I’m going to clean it off mind

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Is it honey?

Engine oil!

It’s loosened it up a treat too!

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